For so many years, Apple seems to have no plans to abandon fingerprint recognition, especially under-screen fingerprint recognition . Today, a patent application entitled " Shortwave infrared optical imaging through electronic device display screens " was approved in the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

In this patent, Apple proposes a method of fingerprint recognition using short-wave infrared optical imaging , and the optical imaging system may be placed near the display, but this may make the frame thicker than the designer expected. In contrast, Apple's optical imaging system is located below the main display stack, which usually consists of an external protective layer, a touch-sensitive layer, and the display itself.

Apple’s patent is different from the current popular under-screen fingerprint recognition. The method it uses is to use an optical imaging system to emit short-wave infrared light upwards. The short-wave infrared light interacts with the finger and is reflected according to the presence of the ridgeline in contact with the screen. Light. Then, the reflected infrared light will be received by the photosensitive element in the same optical imaging system, which can present a part of the fingerprint for analysis.

In addition, since the display will be used to emit visible light instead of infrared light, and the photosensitive element will be adjusted to detect infrared light, the system will not have false alarms or read failures due to different light sources, and the accuracy will be greatly improved.

Earlier news pointed out that Apple is developing an iPhone that supports under-screen fingerprints, but this is only a patent at present, and it is still uncertain whether Apple will mass-produce in the future.