Among the various products that will be presented during the “ Hi, Speed ” event on October 13th, there could also be a “MagSafe” iPhone case and two new wireless chargers “ MagSafe Charger ” and “ MagSafe Duo Charger “.

The brand name "MagSafe" will sound familiar to those who remember Apple's magnetic connector that first appeared on MacBook Pro models in 2006 but, despite its popularity, it was eventually discontinued across all of the company's product lines. between 2016 and 2019 and replaced by the USB-C connector.

In August, Weibo shared some images that depicted internal components of the iPhone 12, composed of a series of circular magnets placed in the center of the device. According to some rumors, these magnets will fit perfectly into a new Apple wireless charger.

If these rumors prove to be accurate, Apple, during Tuesday's event, will present a new MagSafe case, thanks to which we will be able to charge the iPhone 12 wirelessly, and two new wireless chargers, which will temporarily replace the AirPower:
  1. MagSafe Charger: accessory capable of charging one device at a time (iPhone, AirPods or Apple Watch);
  2. MagSafe Charger Duo : accessory capable of charging two devices at the same time (iPhone + Apple Watch, iPhone + AirPods, Apple Watch + AirPods).