Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory

The next entry in the Kindom Hearts series could be called Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory, according to a logo that has been leaked online.

According to 13th Vessel a twitter user who reported that the Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory logo has been discovered in the Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road official website. While it could be yet another mobile game, there's the chance that it could be a new, full-fledged console game.

The name suggests that Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory could be a rhythm game of some sort, and it seems like this could definitely be the case. Kinda Funny's Imran Khan confirmed that he knows what this game is and it's definitely what it sounds like.

Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory has yet to be officially confirmed, so we do not know much about it as of now. Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory? sounds weird to me.


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