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The leaks and rumors about the Huawei Mate 30 pro has become a daily trend. While the camera design of the machine earned the most focused area of the rumors, we still don't know whether it'll adopt a circular or a square design.

While on Weibo yesterday, the famous Twitter tipster, Ice Universe has shared a post saying that the Mate 30 Pro will not continue to use the periscope lens, but may adopt a new CMOS sensor.

Based on the breaking of the Ice Universe , the Mate 30 Pro will not use a periscope camera, and the main camera will use a more powerful sensor.

However, he further said that he don't know more about this sensor, but it may be the Sony SIMX701 sensor. It is said that this sensor uses 1/1.5 inch outsole and 9-in-1 technology, and has a photo output capability of up to 81MP, he added.

In the P30 series of 40MP cameras have reached a certain level, Mate 30 Pro may not use the periscope lens, the Mate 30 Pro main camera is most likely to upgrade direction is to use a larger base or pixel upgrade. Therefore, foreign media believe that Huawei will use the 81MP sensor message with a certain degree of credibility.

We have until August 7, 2019 for Samsung Galaxy Note 10 to go official. Thus far, the leaks and teases on the internet has all pointed to features such as 5G connectivity, no mm Jack and all that. Hence, it seems like the rendered image are based on rumors.

However, it appears that there's something new as the official images of the Galaxy Note 10 were revealed last night and thus from reputable sources, WinFuture site “Roland Quandt” and Ishan Agarwal official Twitter account, so we will have no doubt about its authenticity.

These images show that Samsung not only brings the Galaxy Note 10 with black, but also attractive blue pearl purple, similar to Huawei P30 Pro's back.

Similar to the rumored images, we see a series of three rear cameras on the back of the phone, an incredibly thin border and a perforated camera that hardly affects the surrounding screen. And as usual on a Samsung flagship in 2019, all are curved screens.

But the most interesting thing in the above pictures is the absence of fingerprint sensors - maybe the Note 10 will use fingerprint sensors in the screen and the phone has less than a physical key compared to normal. Does Samsung remove the power button, or the Bixby button? Perhaps we will know better in the future.

And although not seen in this image, there have been rumors that Samsung will remove the 3.5mm headphone jack on the Galaxy Note 10 - perhaps not surprisingly as a flagship device like Galaxy Note again Does not come with a pair of high-end Bluetooth headsets.

There's another bigger thing we don't see here, which is the rumors of a bigger Samsung Galaxy Note 10. Quandt said, we are seeing a smaller version with a 6.3-inch screen. According to rumors, the Galaxy Note 10 Pro version also has a screen up to 6.75 inches. Meanwhile, let's wait patiently till the machines are officially introduced on August 7.

Rockstar as a notorious game programming company are known by Gangstar and free roaming games. They program games in almost all diverse (Xbox, Play Station 2 "PS2", Play Station 3 "PS3", PPSSPP, Android device, Computers and a lot more).

However, they produce high quality HD story games which seems to be unending. Even if there's no available mission, you can still roam around, form a gang, cause some blues or rather play around.

Yes, PSP games don't run only in PSP itself. Android developers also made it possible for Android users. At first when PSP was launched, only the Rich guys are able to afford it but since the development of Android devices - both the rich guys and poor guys can now know how it feels to play PSP games using their Android device. However this feature can be possible in Android phone only when you make use of PPSSPP Emulator which can be find in Google play store and also a free app to download.

Having gotten this app in your Android device, sometimes it hangs out the sounds cracks. This might be caused as a result of low memory or low RAM storage and secondly, this PSP is a borrowed app and not meant for any other device apart from it's own. However the developers have programmed it and ported it for Android device so you might experience some blues. Thus, tonight, I'll be sharing with you some of the best Action and free Roaming Rockstar games which some of us most have come across while some haven't.

Best Rockstar Free Roaming PSP Games 2019

1. Man-Hunt 2:
Man-Hunt is one of the best PPSSPP games developed by Rockstar leeds for the PSP. However, this game looks like a vampire game (zombie) or rather I'll say that Manhunt 2 is a stealth-based psychological horror video game but it is an action game which allows you to roam about, make use of weapons to kill your seems enemies.

Anyways, you can still have a little glimpse of the story. The game follows Daniel Lamb, a mental escapee suffering from amnesia, as he tries to uncover his identity. He is accompanied by Leo Kasper, a sociopathic assassin, who guides Daniel in his journey.

The game is fantastic, as I have played PSP version, and this is very close to the console version. The story is very engaging and the psychological horror in this game is at its best. I wont be telling you the story, nor recommend you to read it anywhere, the only way to enjoy this superb game is to PLAY IT YOURSELF WITH HEADPHONES.

2. Warriors:
Warrior is another stunning Rockstar games which everyone must love to play. The Warriors is an action adventure 3D brawler that covers and expands the events depicted in the movie of the same name.

Based on the 1979 cult classic Paramount Pictures film, The Warriors expands the stylized cinematic journey of the film into a gritty, interactive experience set in 1970's New York City.

3. GTA Vice City Story:
Overview Rockstar's most recognisable franchise returns to Vice City, boasting a new plot, a new cast of characters (and some old favourites), more vehicles and a multiplayer mode.

However, GTA Vice City Story is an open world action-adventure video game developed by Rockstar Leeds in conjunction with Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games. Released on 31 October 2006 for the PlayStation Portable and later for the PlayStation 2 on 5 March 2007. The game is the tenth instalment in the Grand Theft Auto series and the sixth and last game in the 3D universe.

4. Max Payne 2:
Max Payne is another top Rockstar game which appears both in Android devices, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Xbox and in PSP. However, to know more about the game, read a little bit of the story and if it entices you then you can download it.

Max Payne is a man with nothing to lose in the violent, cold urban night. A fugitive undercover cop framed for murder, and now hunted by cops and the mob. Max is a man with his back against the wall, fighting a battle he cannot hope to win.

Max Payne is a relentless story-driven shooter about a man on the edge, fighting for his justice while uncovering plot-twists and twisted thugs in the gritty bowels of New York during the century's worst blizzard. Using the innovative Bullet Time mechanic, players can slow their sense of time in order to focus shots in intense encounters for deadly accuracy in life-or-death gun duels.

5. GTA Liberty City Story:
GTA Liberty City Story is another game to take place after GTA San Andreas which has stunning graphics and sounds that is mind blowing. It was the first series "stories" where you can play in Liberty City as Toni Cipriani. Also this game was also developed by Rockstar. Though this game looks a little bit old and familiar with us but I must say that this game is amazing. Hence, Rockstar was known because of these games (GTA) and also it is assumed as the first game that developed.

However, GTA Liberty City Story was regarded as one of the best GTA among the first three GTAs which allow a user to make use of any ammunition of his/had choice. Yes, GTA Liberty City Story was also seen as the best to some people because of the display and sounds of the game which looks real to people. GTA Liberty City Story was first launched on PlayStation portable (PSP) before it was finally ported to PlayStation 2 in the following year.

The screen recording feature is very useful for smartphone users. This feature is already offered in many different smartphones but this feature is not provided for all the smartphones. Using screen recording apps you can record games, video calls, tutorials, etc. If your smartphone does not have a screen recording feature, then it is now that we will know about the 5 Best Screen Recorder Apps today, with the help of which you can easily record your smartphone's screen.

I have seen all the applications used in different smartphones as I have told about the screen recorder application in this article. You can use the said Screen Recorder Apps on your smartphone without root.

In the application given below, some applications do not work properly on some smartphones, but you have five options here that can be downloaded by the best of your smartphone. Before that, earlier, we have written about the best screen recorder software for the computer. Let us now know about the screen recorder application and about its main feature.

2019 Best Screen Recorder Apps Without Root:

1. AZ Screen Recorder:

This screen recorder is one of the most popular screen recorders. The most important thing about this application is that when you record your smartphone's screen, you will not get any type of watermark. This screen recorder supports all versions above Android 5.0. It is very easy to use this application. Let's look at some of its main features.
Overlay front camera - In this application can record the front camera along with the screen. With this feature, you can also record facecam video with your screen.

Draw on screen - With this feature you can draw or mark anything in your smartphone's screen. This feature is very useful in tutorial video.

Trim videos - In this application, you get the trim feature, which lets you easily trim any part of the video and make your own better.

2. Mobizen Screen Recorder:

The use of this application is also widely used. You will also be able to see a lot of features in this, but the most important thing about this application is that you can remove its watermarks in free and record videos in many different resolutions. Let's talk about some of its main features.

Video Editing Features - In this screen recorder apps you will find many features of video editing. Like - trim, cut, image etc. With this feature, you can make your video even better.

Resolution - You can select the resolution of your video according to your own.

Watermark - In this application, you can record your video without a watermark in the free version as well.

These features can be found in many different features, but the biggest drawback of this application is that it does not work on some smartphones such as Oppo, Vivo, Lava.

3. DU Recorder:

In this screen recorder application, you will also see all the features which should be in a screen recorder but there are some features in this application that make it different from the other screen recorder. With the help of this application, you can live stream on a website such as Facebook, YouTube, and you can also create gifs of recorded video with this help. Let's take a look at some of its special features.

Resolutions - In this screen recorder, you can record your videos in many resolutions, frame rates.

Facecam - You can easily record Facecam video with the screen in this application. This feature is especially useful for youtube.

Video Editor - In this application also you can edit your recorded video. It will be able to see lots of features of the video editor, which can make you better your video.

Screenshots and Image Editing - In this screen recorder app you can take screenshots on your smartphone as well as edit them as well.

4. ADV Screen Recorder:

This screen recorder is pretty good. The interface of this application is simple and clean. In it, you will also find all the features that should be in a screen recorder. The best part of this application is that you can add an annotation to the video during screen recording. Let's talk about some of its main features.

Front or Back Camera - In this application, you can use the front or back camera of your smartphone during screen recording.
Set your Text with full customization
Set your Banner with full customization
Trim Video

5. Screen Recorder:

The rating of this application is better in the Play Store as the above-mentioned application. You will also find all the features related to screen recording. This application supports the version above Android 6.0. The best thing about this screen recorder is that you will not be able to see any kind of ad in it. Now talk about the main feature of this application

Save a video in SD Card - You can save your screen recording in any of your locations according to your sd card.

The face cam - In this application also you can record face cam video during screen recording.
Logo, image - Can add a logo, image, etc. during screen recording.
Take screenshot
Trim video

We may have known about 05 Best Screen Recorder Apps in this article, you are getting confused which of these screen recorders should be used. All the applications mentioned are awesome. You can select from them according to your smartphone. I hope that this article would have liked you as if you got this article useful, do not forget to share it on social media.

Games are the best time killer one can get involved with, hence, it keeps us busy when feeling lonely or bored. Not just that, it's one of the most exciting hubby anyone can indulge in, most especially, the high graphics/HD games. High graphics/HD games brings out an amazing graphics which even makes it to be more entertaining.

Over the recent few years, the Gaming industry has developed rapidly and touched the new horizons. Every other day, hundreds of new games are available for Android users to enjoy and pastime.

When we speak of gaming devices then don't dare to exclude Samsung devices in your list, though there are other gaming smartphones like Razer phone and Xiaomi Blackshark which Samsung has been competing with. Truly, Samsung has improved a lot in their device gaming activities, the launch of Galaxy Note 9 brought a new turn in the gaming world for Samsung devices.

That's not enough, what about the Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus that was launched just few months back? In fact these phones are monster in the high graphics games category. Anyways, we've compiled a fresh list of best high graphics/HD games for Samsung Android devices. However they are the best Samsung action games for July 2019.

Best High Graphics/HD Games For Samsung Android Phones In 2019:

Modern Combat 5; Blackout:

The Modern Combat 5; Blackout is a game developed by Gameloft Bucharest and was published by Gameloft in 2014. It is the fifth installment of the famous Modern Combat series and thus, a first person game. However, It is the first game in the Modern Combat series to go completely free-to-play.

For me, Modern Combat series has been one of the best games ever and the MC 5 had killed it all "best of it's type". I know that some people will be thinking why I said it's the best of it's type, Yeah, you heard me right.

Forget the fact that it is an online game which I know most people don't like but if you can at least spend 10-20mb of your data and play one mission in the game, then that's when you'll understand why I said that it is the best of it's type. The graphics is amazing, enhanced sound speed and lots more - in fact, it's a game you need to lay your hands on in your Samsung device.

Star Wars; Knights Of The Old Republic:

This is a game developed by BioWare and was published by LucasArt in the year 2003, it was first seen in Xbox, Windows and was later ported in Android device. However, the title is from famous Star Wars games saga.

Recently developers launched Star Wars: Knight of the Old Republic in App Store. Play epic battle of 4,000 years before the Galactic Empire, use different kinds of weapons and power to destroy enemies, surf the planet to search enemies and kill them. The characters in the gameplay looks like playstation version.

The touch control works well for this game. Characters and planets looks good and match to original one. Visual effects and gameplay also well used by developers.

Grand Theft Auto; San Andreas:

A very popular action-adventure game that was developed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar games, am sure that you must be familiar with the title. It is the same Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas which was first released on console devices. Hence, you should not expect it to give you the joy of your console device because you're playing it with your Smartphone, though they are average to console devices.

The gameplay as same it was on console. You play as the Carl Johnson who escaped from the jail. His mother is murdered and he wants to go home but has many problems in the journey. In the gameplay you will meet other gangsters, corrupt police, filmstars and millionaires.

As a original part you have all authority to do anything in the gameplay, but beware from the cops and other gangsters. It is very big title and has 70 hours of gameplay. They used high resolution graphics for mobile including lighting enhancements and enriched color palette.

Farenheit; The Indigo Prophecy:

Farenheit; The Indigo Prophecy is a cinematic interactive drama action-adventure video game developed by Quantic Dream and published by Atari, Inc. Which was first released for PlayStation 2 and Xbox. This game was released in 2005 and now it's available for Android devices.

According to the storyline, Lucas Kane who is the main and primary male protagonist in Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy, and is the one who murdered John Winston at Doc's Diner at the beginning of the story. This murder would involve the New York Police Department to introduce the story's other two protagonists, detectives Carla Valenti and Tyler Miles, as they investigate and attempt to catch the murderer.

Meanwhile, Lucas would try to evade capture from the police, and also of mysterious malevolent forces trying to kill him, all the while delving deeper into the conspiracy surrounding the crime. By the end of the story, Lucas would eventually find himself as the last hope of the human race in the face of total destruction by either a secret totalitarian government or a race of sentient artificial lifeforms.

Brothers in Arms 3: Sons of War

A 2014 World War II-era third-person shooter video game that was developed by Gameloft and was also published by Gameloft. It was released in, 2014 for the iOS, Android and Windows Phone. The game serves as a sequel to Brothers in Arms: Hour of Heroes and Brothers in Arms 2: Global Front and it is still set during World War II, a war between Allies and Axis. It is part of the Brothers in Arms series.

According to the story mode, it tells of Sergeant Wright's exploits through a series of different missions, where you have to fight against Nazis in different settings. The one thing these missions have in common is that you have to take cover to survive, since the enemy won't make it easy for you.

In Brothers in Arms 3, you'll find a good arsenal of different weapons you can use. The rifle is reliable and precise, but you can also use machine guns, missile launchers, sniper rifles, and shotguns. You can unlock all these weapons as you advance in story mode.

However, Brothers in Arms 3 is an outstanding third-person action game with excellent graphics and a gameplay that's perfectly adapted to touchscreens. Another excellent (and free) game, courtesy of Gameloft

Best Samsung Action (High Graphics/HD) Games For July 2019:

Over the recent few years, the Gaming industry has developed rapidly and touched the new horizons. Every other day hundreds of new games are available for Android users to enjoy and pastime. Talking about featured and experience games then that's where high graphics/HD games comes in, hence it provides you with more fun and relaxation.

However, the above are the 5 best high graphics/HD games for Samsung Devices; and thus, they are the best Samsung action games for July 2019. Do tell us what you think about this compiled list using the comment box!!!

If you have ever regretted that Android game or application that you like so much does not have a native Windows client, you should know that there are several free applications with which you can use Android apps on your PC. These are tools that virtualize the entire Google operating system on your computer.

It may sound complicated, but really they are very simple applications to install and use. Even so, today we will explain step by step how to use Android applications on your PC by installing one of these programs, downloading them in any app and executing them.

As we said at the beginning there are several programs with which you can do all this, and today continue to launch new alternatives to compete in the sector. From my own experience, the emulator that has always worked best for me is BlueStacks, and for that reason, it will be the one chosen for this little tutorial.

However, there are almost equally competent alternatives that have a growing legion of followers, such as MEmu, NOX (specialized in games) or even the newborn Remix OS Player. The interface and the operation of all are usually very similar, so if there is a specific application that does not work for you, it does not stop to try any of these others.

Installing BlueStacks:

The first step you have to give is to install the program itself. For that, go to the BlueStacks website and, at the top right, you will see the Download button. Press it to automatically start the download of the executable file to install it, and once it is downloaded, start it like any other program.

You will go to a first download window in which you only have to press Next. In the next step that will appear you will be given two options to choose from. The first is to pre-install the app store, something necessary, and the second is to also include a few messaging apps. In this case, this second option does not matter, so you decide if you want to have them or not.

When the installation is finished, this window will appear in which you will have the Finish button in blue. If you notice, at the bottom left, the option to automatically open the application after finishing the installation is preselected. Leave it enabled, as soon as you click Finish, BlueStacks will open.

Android applications in Windows:

When you run BlueStacks for the first time it will take a few seconds to load the entire environment and update the pre-installed applications, and when finished you will be shown everything as you see it. In the left window, you have BlueStacks as you need it, and the window on the right is a streaming application that you can close without problems.

After closing BlueStacksTV and clicking on the button understood that appeared in the main application you can start. You will see that what you have is an Android desktop with some widget for the promoted apps. Sometimes you can skip a full-screen banner that you will have to close, it is what has to be all free.

On the left side, outside of the desktop, you will see a series of icons to perform advanced actions ranging from installing apps that you download to copying Windows files. For the conventional use, you will not need it. Therefore, to start, as with any other Android, click directly on the Play Store button to start downloading apps.

As you have not done before, an error screen will appear telling you that you must log in. Click on the Try again button, and you will have to enter the same email and password that you use on your Android mobile. In this way, the data and applications that you have purchased will be added to BlueStacks so that you can use them.

Now you just have to install the Android applications that you want to use on your PC as you would on any mobile or tablet. When you do these applications will be added to your desktop, but you can also search directly in the drawer of apps.

In addition, at the top of the screen, you will have the classic notification bars of Android. You just have to hold the left mouse click on them and slide them down as if you were doing it with your finger. The difference here is that each app you start will open in a separate tab that will appear at the top of the screen. One of them will always be Android, and it will be used to return to the desktop.

When you run an application, it will open in the same size and shape as you would Android. In the left sidebar, you will see an icon in the shape of a straight and be lying mobile. It is the one used to simulate that you rotate the device to put it horizontally, and with it, you can make the apps that allow it to be viewed in horizontal mode to take better advantage of the screen.

And that's it, now you only have to download all the applications you want to use and use them in your Windows. Keep in mind that some may not be compatible, but usually this is one of the alternatives that better compatibilities and performance offers.

Why is my phone battery draining so fast? Here's how to fix it:

The smartphone has become an important part of our life. You will also be a smartphone user, so when you use smartphones, many problems related to the smartphone are revealed. One of those problems is related to the battery. Many smartphone users have this problem that the batteries of their smartphone are very soon drained / discharge. Today, I will tell about what is the reason for the drain/discharge of the smartphone's battery, and also know that you have a Smartphone The key is to back up the battery.

We can extend the battery backup of smartphones to a lesser extent. Today, I will tell you 10 reasons for the reason that the battery gets discharged very soon and we can easily remove the battery backup of the smartphone by removing these mistakes.

1. Brightness:

Many smartphone users use the brightness of their smartphone much more so that the battery of the smartphone starts discharging soon. Always use manual mode to control the brightness, the problem in automatic mode is that whenever your smartphone's censor burns lightly, the brightness increases too much, if it happens so many times, the battery will be expired. It seems. So use it as much as possible in manual mode and keep the brightness level as low as possible.

2. Background Apps:

We use many apps simultaneously on our smartphone. There are so many apps in the background which are not used for a long time, we should close such apps that these apps keep in the background so that the battery consumes more.

3. Signal Strength:

Many times we are at a place where signal strength is very rare. Due to lack of signal strength, more load on the battery leads to not being a QQ network, the smartphone is searching network and loads on the battery. That's why we should turn our smartphone into aeroplane mode at such a place.

4. Close data connection:

Smartphones are a box without internet, but many times we are in a situation when we do not need the internet. At such times we should discontinue our smartphone's data connection. Data connection On the use of so many apps uses data so that the battery starts to discharge quickly. Only when we need to do the data connection on should be done.

5. Screen light timeout:

All Smartphones have the option of screen light timeout. With this help, we can decide how long the screen lights of our smartphones will be on. The time of screen light timeout should be minimized.

6. Wallpaper:

We should not use the Live Wallpaper on our smartphone. QQ Live Wallpaper uses more battery, and we should use black colored wallpapers as much as possible because black color wallpaper is less battery usage than the bright color wallpaper.

7. Auto Sync:

We should keep auto sync off in our smartphone. There are so many apps in the smartphone that auto refresh after some time to download data in the background. The battery usage is high with auto sync

8. Sound & vibrate:

When we use our smartphone, there are many such sounds and vibration that we do not have any need. Like vibrations of keyboard, notification vibration. Many such apps also have this feature. We should stop unused sound vibration.

9. Update operating system:

We should keep updating our smartphone because the old version OS has many bugs. The OS of the latest version gives a better performance than the previous one, and it also has less load on the battery.

10. Power saving mode:

Power saving mode is provided on all smartphones. In Power Saving mode, many extra features, the sound is turned off. Power Saving mode should be used to increase battery backup.

I hope you have liked the post. If you liked this post, share it with your friends so that they can increase their smartphone's battery backup.

Smartphone users do not know how many applications they use in their phones. Smartphone users install applications on their smartphones according to their usage, but some applications are useful for all users, we should know about such applications so that we can easily do our work. In today's article, we will learn about the 10 most useful Android apps that are of great use. The best part of all these applications is that you can download all these apps for free.

1. D notes:

This application is very useful. If you want to use your time correctly, then this application must be on your smartphone. With this application, you can create to-do lists, voice lists, notes, reminders, etc. The interface of this application is very great and the best part is that you will not see any kind of ad in it. Let's look at its features

D notes Features:

  • To-Do List
  • Export Notes
  • Multiple Themes, Fonts, and Sorting Options
  • Unlock Protected Notes with Fingerprint or PIN Code
  • Highly Customizable
  • Text-File Viewer
  • Widgets, App Shortcuts, and Reminders
  • Backup / Restore to Google Drive and SD Card

2. Sleep Timer:

If you have a passion to listen to the song and when you listen to songs before sleeping then this application can prove to be very useful. This application closes the songs according to the time you set so that the songs do not run in the mobile overnight, as well as the battery discharges your smartphone. This application works perfectly on all platforms such as Play Music, YouTube, Spotify etc.

Features Of Sleep Timer:

  • Listen to music while falling asleep
  • Use your favorite music player or even YouTube!
  • Select the music to play
  • Prevent your battery from draining

3. Shareit:

You may already know about this application. This application is kept in the Useful Android Apps list because it is a very useful application for file sharing. With the help of this application, you can transfer files between smartphones and smartphones and computers. Apart from all this, many more features are provided in this application.

Shareit features:

  • Transfer All Types of Files
  • Excellent Video Player
  • Discover Trending Music
  • Elegant Music Player

4. Videoder:

This application has been told in the last several articles. You will not find this application on the Play Store, with this application you can download videos, Songs from 1000+ websites. This application is quite popular for downloading YouTube videos. It is available for both Android users and computer users. Let's look at this feature. download link

Videoder features:

  • Up to 10X Fast Downloading
  • Cover art and audio tag editor
  • smart link detection tool
  • Stream youtube videos without ads
  • Unlimited themes
  • Discover the latest music, videos, and artists
  • Over 1000+ sites supported

5. Files Go:

This is Google's application which is a very smart application. If your smartphone has a storage problem then this application must be on your smartphone. This application explains the duplicate file from your smartphone, along with the suggestion to the user to delete the files to clear the memory space of your smartphone. The second main feature of this application is sharing the file. With this application, you can share any kind of file between two phones.

Files Go Features:

  • Share file offline
  • Encrypted file sharing
  • Free up more space
  • Effective storage management
  • Backup file to the cloud

6. Tez:

This application is also Google's application. This application is very useful for those who want to get information related to their bank account or to do online transactions. With this application, you can transfer money to anyone's bank account, pay the online bill etc. The best part of this application is that with the help of this application, you can do transactions with the front person without giving your private details. This application is specially made for Indians. Let's take a look at the features of this application.

Tez features:

  • Pay and get money directly from your bank accounts
  • Easiest pay bills
  • Multiple layers of security from your bank, UPI, and Google
  • Paying in shops is easier than ever

7. Nova Launcher:

If you want to customize your smartphone in many ways then this launcher must be on your smartphone. This launcher is the most popular launcher in the Play Store, perhaps you already know about this application. This application is available in the free version and Pro version. With this application help, you customize the layout of the smartphone, the icons of the app, the animation, etc.

Nova Launcher Features:

  • Customize App Drawer
  • Import Layout
  • Icon Themes
  • Gestures
  • Hide Apps
  • Icon Swipes
  • Scroll effects

8. Walli:

Every smartphone user wants to have a better wallpaper in his smartphone, you can see many wallpaper applications on the Play Store, but the best wallpaper application is the one that is one of them. Million to see a lot of wallpaper in this wallpaper application, from this app you can download and use the wallpaper for free. If you are looking for the best wallpaper app then this application must be tried.

Walli Features:

  • Multiple sizes of wallpapers
  • Setting a new wallpaper without leaving the app
  • High-Quality Wallpapers

9. Canva:

This application is one of the lists of my best applications. This application is very useful. With this application, you can design a social media post, poster, photo collage, logo, card etc. Its interface is very good and in this application, you will not be able to see any kind of advertisement. It's very easy to design graphic in this app, you get many more templates which you can download and download accordingly. Let's look at its features.

Canva Features:

  • Thousands of free ready-made templates
  • Add text to your photos
  • 1+ million stock photos
  • Photo editing

10. Hotstar:

We know about the best application covering most of the categories in this article "Useful Android Apps". Now comes the useful app related to Entertainment. Most Smartphone users are familiar with Hotstar. This is an application that can see online movies, TV serials, live games, news etc. In this, you will find content in more than 15 languages. The interface of this app is very good.

We know about 10 useful Android Apps in this article, I hope all these applications will prove to be very helpful for you. If you liked this article, please share it with your friends on social media.

When we have a phone or a PC in our hands, one of the options offered by more than one application is to change the menus offered to a dark mode. A change in aesthetics that is very attractive for many users due to the radical change in aesthetics that it offers.

An improvement in the aspect that is accentuated for example in teams that have some fine frames on the screen and that are above black in a way that offers an effect without bevels. In addition, in the case of OLED and AMOLED screens, the black color is always a plus in terms of the energy savings consumed by the screen. A way that we can also use in Windows 10 Creators Update just by following a few simple steps.

It is a modality that we can access from the menu of our team and with which we can radically change the appearance of our team. For this, the first step is to access the "Configuration" of our team, for which we must access how we already know the cogwheel in the lower left area of the screen.

Once inside the "Configuration" we have to look for the section titled "Personalization" within which we will be able to access a series of options such as "Colors", "Lock Screen", "Themes", "Start".

Of all of them we must click on "Colors", then see a list with all available variants of colors to use. We have to go down to the end of the options and before the "High Contrast Mode" click on "Dark".

Once we click on that option, we see how our entire desktop changes its appearance and becomes dominated by dark tones that enhance all the colors and information displayed on the screen.

In addition, it goes without saying, likewise, that we can always return to the previous configuration by just following the same steps and selecting the "Light Mode".

A system that will equip our team with new aesthetics in the menus and, in passing, improve visibility in certain circumstances. Do you like dark mode or clear mode more?

  1. Best DJ Mix Apps For Windows 2019
  2. Windows; GarageBand Alternatives.

GarageBand is a popular dj mix app that is available only for iOS and macOS, this app is one of the best music app you can get. Many people have long anticipated it on Windows and Linux but it seems not to be coming too soon and thus, that's the most unfortunate part.

For all music enthusiasts, we’ve got great news – GarageBand does have some great alternatives to record your masterpiece. These would offer you the same features to GarageBand, and you can freely set it up on the PC. So wait no more, let’s find out what those 5 Best GarageBand alternatives for Windows are! Without much delay, let's get started:

Best GarageBand Alternatives For Windows 2019:

1.) Reaper:
Among a wide variety of applications and music creator programs out there, Reaper arises as the most promising GarageBand alternatives you can’t look away. It makes music formation completely accessible to everyone else. Besides, this package can offer the professionals plenty of options for the way they choose to create music.

However, it won’t ever help you through the creation process. You will need a certain amount of knowledge once you’re about to open up this program. But if you don’t, it will take you a while to create anything worth your attempts.

In this case, don’t worry since Reaper owns a great level of customer service support from the online community. And now it has a 60-days free trial, which allows you to test or run the software as well as see whether you want to use it or not.

2.) Music Maker Jam:
Like other music softwares, Music Maker Jam is one of the most fantastic GarageBand alternatives for Windows. Go and download it from the Windows App Store or other stores, hence, this app is also available for both iOS and Android.

The software is suited for normal users instead of the professionals. It allows you to choose loops by genres and nearly every little thing from Dubstep to jazz depending on your preference.

Then you can use them to create a song after the transferring process. Let’s tweak the BPM and control the volume levels whenever you feel, but that is — if it fits your taste.

3.) Mixcraft 7:
Similar to GarageBand, Mixcraft 7 is a great way to make things much simpler when it comes to creating music. It has a user-friendly interface and great abundance of plugins to enable you to freely add any inspiring effect.

All you have to do is dragging and dropping the loops. So even when you don’t have many experiences with such software, you can still able to adjust all of its features with ease. Besides, Mixcraft automatically match the tempo with your preference to make music, which simplifies everything.

4.) Soundation Studio:
Whenever you’re trying to see a free-of-charge option, go to find Soundation Studio. It’s committed to giving you a great chance of availing an expansive collection of great features. You’re allowed to make the best of your music. Moreover, it provides you with a great variety of virtual instruments, real-time effects together with a large library of more than 700 sounds, loops, and audio editing.

The best part of this application is that it can be availed without charge. It means that you can gain extra sounds from the store, or simply upgrade to a premium account. Doing so permits you to access to a larger selection of the higher-quality sounds.

5.) LMMS:
This is another Best GarageBand Alternative application indeed the final work of a talented development team who is committed to creating an open-source music production kit. Such a fantastic idea has delivered the ideal piece of music software despite its unattractive UI.

It’s one of the most worth-to-try GarageBand alternatives for Windows to help you get up and run at once at no cost. LMMS also consists of the formation of beats and melodies, or the mixing of all sounds and samples for you to freely choose. It lets you release your musical creativity naturally.

Best DJ Mix Apps For Windows In 2019:

Whoa! You just read the best GarageBand alternatives you can get for Windows OS. Yeah, it's true that GarageBand is only for iOS but now, it has some competing apps which can delivery more than GarageBand itself. If you're a music lover, why not try the above apps to mix your music!!!

Best PSP (PPSSPP) Free Roaming Action Games Of All Time:

When you talk about gaming and left PSP (PPSSPP) out of the list then you haven't started playing games yet. PSP is just like PS2 but the slight difference between the two gadgets is that you can play PSP without connecting it to your TV rather, you can just play it right on your Palm.(i.e its portable)

Gone are days where PSP (PPSSPP) games can be played only on PSP itself and thus, only few can afford it. Special thanks goes to developers for being able to bring PSP right on our Android but at first, Android deserves a praise worthy for being an Open-Source Operation system, thereby giving the programmers the opportunity to create such app.

And now, you can easily play PSP (PPSSPP) games on your Android by making use of any PSP emulators. Since this is an emulator, it's under probability that it'll lag (but not always). Hence, the major problem with emulators in Android phone is nothing but cracking/hanging but trust me, this ain't going to be an issue to you because we have you covered.

Anyways, if you're looking for best free roaming PSP (PPSSPP) action games to play, below are the best ones I can recommend to you so far and thus, they have high quality HD story games which seems to be unending.

Best Free Roaming PSP (PPSSPP) Action Games For April 2019:

» Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice:
Pursuit Force Extreme: Justice is a fantastic game than any of the dire movie-licensed games pumped out since the films release.  However, it is a vehicular combat video game, developed by Bigbig Studios for the PlayStation Portable, released in 2007.

Extreme Justice revives memories of classic arcade racer Chase H.Q. You'll see high-speed highway pursuits with bad boy vehicles as you attempt to bring those crooks to book with well aimed rams and handgun fire. But there's so much more to it than that. As you put your foot down and edge closer to the bad guys you'll be able to fling yourself from your car onto the target vehicle, landing on the bonnet, the roof or clinging on to the back like Marty McFly on steroids.

The story, while overrun with cliché, hammy dialogue and predictable plot, is a perfect fit for the game. The main single-player campaign, which will take you at least five hours of solid play to work your way through, features some eye-catching characters.

» Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow:
Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow is a third-person shooter stealth video game developed by SCE Bend Studio and published by Sony Computer Entertainment for the PlayStation Portable and PlayStation 2. It is the sixth game in the Syphon Filter series.

Logan's Shadow is no radical departure for the series. You can expect a classic third-person action shooter based around hi-tech weaponry, subterfuge and double-crosses from within the secrecy-shrouded world of counter terrorism, but it is undeniably hugely enjoyable.

However, this game is not just an action game but also, it is terrific. Trust me, You'll certainly spend most of your time shooting boldly from the open at a safe distance, methodically advancing, but the stealth elements are blended into the levels fairly seamlessly, without the need for too many explicitly exclusive sections focusing on tip toeing through the shadows, with weapons locked.

» Metal Gear Solid - Portable Ops:
Metal Gear Solid - Portable Ops is an action-adventure stealth video game directed by Masahiro Yamamoto and written by Gakuto Mikumo. Portable Ops was developed by Kojima Productions and published by Konami in 2006 for the PlayStation Portable (PSP).

Portable Ops is the kind of game that makes you want to turn your mobile phone off while you play, as it is so engrossing and highly strung that a simple text message alert can cause you to leap from your skin and need a nice long lay down in the grass to recover.

Metal Gear Solid was also extremely slow, fairly fiddly, and had one of gaming's most complex, convoluted plots ever. It was also disturbingly odd at times, unnecessarily perverse at moments and a touch unsettling throughout.

» Resistance: Retribution:
Resistance: Retribution is a third-person shooter video game developed by SIE Bend Studio for Sony's PlayStation Portable. Retribution picks up after the conclusion of the original game and follows James Grayson, a British soldier who goes on a rampage against the invading alien Chimera force.

You actually start playing once Grayson has been captured and sentenced to death. As a way out of this predicament he's persuaded to work for French resistance group The Maquis, helping them fight off the Chimera.

Unfortunately for PSP, this game is only having a single analogue stick there had to be some compromises made, so while movement is handled with the left stick, aiming is mapped to the four face buttons on the right. This works better than you might think, and is helped by some very generous auto aiming and target lock-on.

» Brothers In Arms D-Day:
Brothers In Arms D-Day is a first-person shooter video game in the Brothers in Arms series for the PlayStation Portable. If you're in doubt about the power of the PSP then they need look no further than Brothers In Arms' handheld debut.

The game looks remarkably close to its PS2 forbearer and even the most hardened PSP cynic, or DS fan boy, would have a tough time arguing that D-Day fails to make quite a striking visual impression.

Brothers in Arms: D-Day is never an easy ride but it's still a rewarding World War II romp that sucks you in with a heavy emphasis on comrade characterisation (a trademark of the series) and constantly demanding challenges.

Combining some of the finest missions from the critically acclaimed original Brothers In Arms: Road to Hill 30 and its semi-sequel Earned In Blood, D-Day gives players a complete Normandy campaign to work through from the dual perspectives of those games' stars, Sergeants Baker and Hartsock, as they fight there way to Carentan and St Sauveur respectively.

» God of War: Chains of Olympus:
God of War: Chains of Olympus is a third-person action-adventure video game developed by Ready at Dawn and Santa Monica Studio, and published by Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE). It was first released for the PlayStation Portable (PSP) handheld console on March 4, 2008. The game is the fourth installment in the God of War series.

It's fair enough to say the game has always focussed on flashy attacks, combos and magic over deep combat, but it's no bad thing. Anyone can feel like a bad ass while playing God of War, and there's enough variety in the combat to make sure things never feel repetitive.

The opening level sees Kratos defending the city of Attica from an invading army, slaying hundreds of soldiers in typical bloody fashion. The story eventually centres on Helios, whom Kratos must find in order to counter the deep sleep Morpheus, the Greek god of dreams, has cast on the other Greek gods.

2019 Best Free Roaming PSP (PPSSPP) Action Games:

PSP (PPSSPP) games is one of the best games you can easily lay your hands on, it brings almost all the features that are present in PS2 to a portable screen resolution - unlike the early games (Retro games and Gameboy). Anyways, the above list of PSP games are the best PSP games ever, if you haven't play any of them - am a bit sure that you've played G.O.W then compare it with the remaining ones to see how stunning it'll be. Sharing your idea with us is not a bad thing to do, simply make use of the comment box if you wish to communicate or add more games to the ones above.

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