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February 2018
7 2018 1 7 best ways to transfer files 2 Action Games 3 ADB and Fastboot 1 ADB for Linux 1 ADB for Mac 2 ADB for Windows 1 ADB Tool 65 Android 1 Android 8 1 Android 8 Oreo 2 Android 9 2 Android 9 pie 1 Android 9 Pie Emojis And Fonts 1 Android application 1 Android Apps 3 Android APPS 1 Android Games 2 Android O 2 Android P 1 Android P Emojis And Fonts 1 Android root 1 Android SDK 1 Android. Android apps 7 Apple 2 apps 1 Apps Emulator 1 Battery Fix 1 Battery Improvement 1 Bella Concept Smartphone 1 benefits of root 1 Best Android Launchers 1 Best Android Video Application 25 Best Apps 1 Best Browser 4 Best Games 4 Best Themes 1 Bixby 1 Bloatware 1 Bluestacks 1 Bootloader Unlock 1 Check Root 1 China Android 1 Chinese Phone 1 computer 6 Computer facts 1 Data Usage 1 Delete facebook account permanently 4 Desktop 1 DJ Mix 1 Download Failed 4 Downloads 2 Education Apps 1 Emoji 1 Emoticon 2 Emulator 1 Fix App Isn't Available In Your Country 1 Fix App Not Installed 1 Font 1 Free Android Launcher 1 Free PC Games 1 Galaxy Note 10 1 Galaxy Note 8 Themes 1 Galaxy S10 1 Galaxy S8 Themes 2 Galaxy S9 2 Games 2 Gaming 1 GarageBand 3 Google 1 Google chrome Extensions 1 Google Pixel 2 Google Play Store 3 Guide 1 HD Games 1 High Graphics Games 41 How To 1 How to delete facebook account easily 1 How to eliminate it 1 How To Root Android 9 Pie 3 Huawei 1 Huawei Mate 10 1 Huawei Mate 10 Pro 1 Huawei P10 1 Huawei P20 1 Huawei P20 Lite 1 Huawei P20 Pro 1 Icon Packs 1 instagram 1 Install ADB 1 Install TWRP Recovery 4 iOS 1 iOs 12 2 iPhone 1 iPhone 12 1 iPhone 13 1 Kodi 1 launchers 1 Leaks 2 Learning Apps 1 learning Languages 1 LibreSubstratum 2 Linux 5 Linux Software 3 Mac 1 Magisk 1 Mate 30 1 Miui 9 1 Miui Themes 1 music 1 Music Apps 1 MX Player 1 Nokia 1 Nokia 7 1 Office 1 Office Apps 1 Offline Games 1 OnePlus 22 Others 12 PC (Windows & Linux) 2 PC Games 1 PDF Reader 1 Phone Specifications 1 Photo Editor 1 Photographs 1 Photography 1 Pixel 1 Pixel 2 1 Pixel 2 XL 1 Pixel XL 3 Play Store 1 Play Store Error 1 Portrait mode 2 PPSSPP 1 PPSSPP Games 1 Pre installed App 2 PSP 1 PSP Games 1 Remap Bixby Button 1 Remove Apps 3 Root 1 Rooting 1 Rooting Apps 9 Samsung 2 Samsung Galaxy Note 8 1 Samsung Galaxy S10 1 Samsung Galaxy S8 1 Samsung Themes 1 SCRCPY 1 Screen Recorder 1 SDK 1 Security 1 Shooting Games 1 Slow Motion Camera 1 Slow Motion Video Player 13 Smartphones 1 Social media and communities 2 Social Networks 3 Software 1 Space 1 Speech To Text 1 Speed Up 1 STT 1 Substratum 1 Subtitle 1 Take photos 5 Tech News 1 Text To Speech 5 Themes 3 Tips & Tricks 45 Top List 1 Transfer files 20 Trending 1 TSS 1 UC Browser 1 Unlock Bootloader 1 uTorrent 1 uTorrent Web 1 Video application 1 Video Camera 1 Virus 2 Wallpapers 1 What is root 1 What is virus 13 Windows 6 Windows 10 1 Windows 10 Creator Update 9 Windows Software 1 Without having portrait mode 1 Xposed Framework

  1. What is uTorrent Web?
  2. How to use it to stream torrents? 
  3. How to use uTorrent Web in Windows 10?

uTorrent Web is a website which grants the permission to download your favorite torrents at anytime, however, it lives in a server hosted locally on your computer. This brings a couple of pros and cons in the picture. Being a locally hosted torrent downloader, uTorrent Web can be accessed even if there is no active internet connection available. The same becomes a disadvantage because it can’t be accessed over the internet directly.

The world of BitTorrent clients is no different. While we still have those somewhat ugly but feature-packed torrent downloaders, there are many good looking options available for everyday torrent downloaders.

When hearing about uTorrent Web for the first time, normally a user would think of it as some online torrent downloader like BitPort that we can access by typing a URL in the web browser. It is, however, only partly true in the case of uTorrent Web.

In comparison to its classic sibling, uTorrent Web doesn’t offer much in terms of features. The main screen of uTorrent Web features a search box which loads users’ queries (after adding ‘torrent’ to the query) in Google Search in a new browser tab. However, here's how you can download and stream torrents in your web browser using uTorrent.

How to use uTorrent Web in Windows 10:
To setup uTorrent Web on your computer, the first thing you need to do is to download and install the required files like any other Windows software.

After successful installation, a shortcut is created on the desktop which opens uTorrent Web in your web browser. However, You can continue to use the shortcut or bookmark the localhost URL in your browser for easier access.

In comparison to its classic sibling, uTorrent Web doesn’t offer much in terms of features. The main screen of uTorrent Web features a search box which loads users’ queries (after adding ‘torrent’ to the query) in Google Search in a new browser tab.

uTorrent Web can automatically run when Windows boots and also capture torrent downloads. So, your downloads won’t discontinue even if you close the web browser. This might create some trouble during initial use as the user may forget to pause downloads and later face trouble using the internet. The torrent client notifies the user of its presence through an icon present in the notifications area.

You can move down slightly to see the Torrent Feed that lists all your torrent downloads and thus, You can use different filters and sorting options to arrange them as per your liking. It also offers the Force Start feature for downloading torrents.

There are two ways to add and stream torrents using uTorrent Web. First, the user can click the +Torrent button where are options to upload torrent files and add magnet links. Second, the user can drag and drop a torrent file directly into the browser window.

Exploring further, click the gear button in the top-right corner to open up more settings uTorrent Web offers. There you can choose whether to start the torrent client after Windows startup. Also, the checkbox “Open each torrent in new tab” is more helpful when the torrent contains a video file. The option allows users to view multiple torrent files at the same time. The Settings page also includes the option to manage upload and download bandwidth for torrent streaming and downloads.

Once you come in contact with a new torrent, you can stream torrents instantly. In fact, the playback starts automatically if the torrent includes a video file. You can still see the download progress below the media player.

Are you fan of Extreme Sports? If yes, then the third party Extreme Sports Kodi addon is something you must have. You can watch Drag Racing, Nascar, Jet Ski and much more using it. In this post, I will be sharing with you how to install Extreme Sports Kodi addon but before then, we are assuming you are on Kodi 17.x Krypton or higher and thus, if you already have the version of Kodi then let's get right into it.

» How To Install Extreme Sports Kodi Addon:
★ Enable Unknown Sources and Notifications:
From your Kodi home screen navigate to Settings =>> System Settings =>> Addons and Enable Unknown Sources. Click Yes when prompted. Also make sure to enable Show Notifications.

★ Add Extreme Sports Kodi Addon Repository:
Navigate back to Kodi main menu, and then go to Settings =>> File Manager => Add Source. Click on None and enter new repository with details as mentioned below.
Golden Cinema Kodi Addon Repository – https://archive.org/download/gracie242 (name it gracie242)

★ Install Extreme Sports Kodi Addon Repository:
Go-to Kodi main menu, click on Addons and then click the Addons Browser (top left of screen) icon marked below.

On the next screen click on Install from Zip File, and in the popup window find gracie242 and click on it, and then select the zip file named repository.gracie2422.zip. Wait for the download to complete, and once the addon is installed you will get a message saying Addon Installed on top right corner of your screen.

★ Install Extreme Sports Kodi Addon:
Click on Install from Repository =>>gracie242 =>> Video Add Ons. Scroll down the list and select Extreme Sports, click on Install. If a popup window shows up select the one from gracie242 repo. Now, Wait for the download to complete, and once the addon is installed you will get a message saying Extreme Sports Addon Installed on top right.

All done and your ready to kick off, however, you can enjoy Extreme Sports from Addons =>> Video Addons section of Kodi home screen.

  1. Best way to speed up performance on Windows 10.
  2. 2018 Guide on how to boost Windows 10 speed and performance.

In the middle last year "April 2017 precisely", Microsoft announced that Windows 10 would be receiving two major updates per year. Despite all the rapid development, Windows machines slow down over time as they get amassed with programs/files and thus, Redmond has stopped increasing the version number of their operating system; we can only see themed Windows 10 Updates.

As PC hardware continues to get faster, so does software, and Windows 10 is no exception. This is especially true of startup time: If you upgrade from Windows 7 or earlier, you'll be pleasantly surprised by how fast your machine is ready for action. But there are other performance factors to consider after you're up and running.

However, if you own a desktop or laptop running Windows 10, there are great chances that your DNA might compel you to make Windows 10 faster and improve its performance. So, I thought I should include whatever I know and create a post on how can to speed up Windows 10 and improve its performance to get the most out of the operating system. It is possible that you might’ve come across some or many of these Windows 10 performance tricks across the web. But I think it would be great to refresh your memories.

How to speed up Windows 10 and improve its Performance:
★ Limit programs from loading at startup:

It’s a common sight for most Windows users to have tons of apps and features loaded when their machines start. These are mostly the ones installed by the manufacturers, and others which automatically launch at startup. Watching these programs load is one of the most visible instances where you feel slowness of your machine. On Windows 10 (and Windows 8/8.1), you can disable programs from loading at startup using the task manager. And if you’re cherishing the old Windows 7 or Windows XP, the interface to disable startup programs can be accessed via the msconfig utility.

★ Add More RAM:

Windows 10 isn't as much of a hog as earlier versions of the OS, but more memory is always a way to speed up PC operations. For a lot of today's Windows devices, such as the Surface convertible tablets, however, adding RAM isn't an option. Gaming and business laptops often still allow RAM upgrades, but that's becoming rarer by the year. The new, slimmer ultrabooks and convertibles are usually fixed.

★ Scan for malwares:

You can run the built-in Windows Defender or a third-party app to do this,  this might be the most naive thing you would read in the post intended towards speeding up Windows 10 PCs. Malware community has existed for decades, and their fear compelled Microsoft to include an anti-virus tool in their operating system. Your slow Windows 10 system might be due to some fishy app hiding inside the machine, disguised as some system update program or anything else. You should regularly scan your PC for malware, either by using Windows Defender or some third-party antivirus software, to make your Windows faster

★ Hibernate or maybe put to sleep mode instead of power off:

When you hibernate your PC, less time is required when you turn it back on. That’s because the current state of the system is saved on the hard drive and gets loaded when you power on the system. Putting computer on sleep mode is mostly a routine for Mac users because these devices can live for almost a month in that way. But now, Windows users also find it comfortable keep their PC in sleep mode for long hours. In Sleep Mode, only the RAM on the device remains active. But sleep mode drains the battery, although in small amounts. So, you might not want to prefer it every time for your Windows PC, but sleep mode makes it quicker for you to start working on the system.

★ Make use of fast startup to speed up your computer’s load time:
One way to accelerate Windows 10 startup process is by turning on the hibernation feature that’s disabled by default. Fast Startup (enabled by default) is another feature which reduces the booting time of Windows 10. It’s a combination of shutdown and hibernation. You can check whether Fast Startup is enabled for your computer by visiting Power Options > Choose what the power button does. Click “Change settings that are currently unavailable” to unlock the shutdown configuration. There, you’ll see the option to enable/disable fast startup.

★ Turn off cloud sync to make Windows faster:

Windows 10 offers integrated support for Microsoft’s cloud storage service OneDrive. You can copy all the files and folders to OneDrive which you want to upload to the cloud. Many users have a soft corner for Google Drive; there are chances they might not be using One Drive. But even if you’re a die-hard fan of the OneDrive, turning on the sync and forgetting about it wouldn’t be a wise move. It would consume your resources and slow down Windows 10. In fact, it’s not only OneDrive, and you should do this for other services too. To disable OneDrive sync and make your Windows faster, go to This PC > OneDrive (right-click) > Choose OneDrive folders to sync. On the next screen, untick the checkbox Sync all files and folders in OneDrive and click Ok.

★ Choose what your PC should prefer:

In the same Performance Options window I mentioned above (point 7), switch to the Advanced tab. There, you can determine whether your PC should give preference to the programs you use or the services that run in the background. This adjustment could give a considerable performance boost according to your needs.

★ Use High-Performance Mode to improve PCs performance:

The ‘High Performance’ mode in Power options helps you make the best out of your PC. The CPU can utilize its full potential, while the high-performance mode prevents various components like hard drives, WiFi cards, etc. from going into power saving states.

★ Turn off live tiles Live:
Tiles debuted with Windows 8. The live tiles in the Start Menu or Start Screen provide updated information related to an app, either sourced from the web or locally. But they also consume resources and battery, not up to the level that it would slow things down. But turning the live tiles off would be beneficial if you never bothered to see what a live tile is offering.

How to turn off live tiles in Windows 10 to speed up your computer?
If you’re running Windows 10 Pro, you can use the Group Policy Editor. In the editor, open User Configuration > Administrative Templates > Start Menu and Taskbar > Notifications > Turn off tile notifications. Otherwise, you’ll have to disable the live tiles manually for each app. Open Start > Right-click a live tile > More > Turn live tile off.

★ Reset your PC:
Apparently, the last and the least option to end all of the Windows-related problems is to Reset your Windows 10 PC. You can do so by visiting the Recovery section in Settings or by the utility provided by your device manufacturer which you can access by pressing some key when the PC boots. Reinstalling Windows 10 would revert all the wrong-doings and changes you and various apps have made to the system.

Huawei Android 8

  1. Android 8.0 Oreo February Security Patch for Huawei P10 (VTR-L29).
  2. [Asia Pacific]: How to Update Huawei P10 (VTR-L29) to Android 8.0 Oreo.

Just few days back, another member of Huawei P series posted "Huawei P10 (VTR-L29) is now Receiving an OTA update B360 with February security patch and the software version is VTR-L29C636B360 (Asia Pacific)". According to him, said that the update will be be landing any Huawei P series any moment from now via OTA.

In some circumstances, OTA update normally arrives depending on the part of country you come from but it by any chance you haven’t received the update already, simply try checking it manually by navigating to your phone Settings » About phone » System updates and check for the update manually.

However, if you didn't see the update after checking manually but still needs the Android 8.0 update on your Huawei P10 device then we have you covered. Hence, in this article, I'm going to share with you how to update Huawei P10 (VTR-L29) to Android 8.0 Oreo update with February Security patch but before then — let's have a look on the firmware details of Huawei P10 and also, what's new in the firmware.

» Huawei P10 Firmware Details:
  • Device: Huawei P10 
  • Model: VTR-L29 
  • Android: 8.0 (Oreo) 
  • Version: OPR6.170623.010 
  • EMUI: 8.0 
  • Firmware: B360 ( 
  • Build Number: VTR-L29C636B360 
  • Security Patch Level: February 1, 2018 
  • Build Date: Wed Feb 7 04:30:55 CST 2018 
  • Status: Official 
  • Type: Full firmware OTA (MF) 
  • Release Date: 09.02.2018 
  • Region: Asia Pacific 
  • Filename: update.zip
» Changes in the Firmware (What's new):
  • Runs on Android 8.0 Oreo. 
  • The security of your device has been improved (February 1, 2018). 
  • Device stability improvements, bug fixes. 
  • New and / or enhanced features. 
  • Further improvements to performance.
» Prerequisites:
★ This Tutorial is only for installing Android 8.0 Oreo 8.0 February Security Patch on Huawei P10 (VTR-L29) .Please do not try on any other Huawei P10 Variants.

★ Be certain that you have the VTR-L29 variant of Huawei P10 that’s already running a C636 (Asia Pacific) based firmware.

★ This procedure can only be used to upgrade from Nougat to Oreo, it might not work if you’re already running an Oreo build on your device.

» Disclaimer:
AndroBliz should not be held responsible for any damages or loss you get following this procedure, hence we're here to offer help and guide to you "user at your own risk".

» Important:
Before proceeding with this steps, ensure that you backup all your data "including your stock rom". Reason: for you to be able to restore back your phone if any thing should go wrong.

» Downloads:
★ Update.zip: Official Mirror | Don't rename this file.

★ Public Data Package: Official Mirror | Rename to update_data_public.zip after downloading.

★ Cust Package: Official Mirror | Rename to update_all_hw.zip

Update Huawei P10 To Android 8.0 Oreo:

★ Create a new folder named “HWOTA” in the external microSD card of your phone.

★ Download & rename the files provided above and move them to the new HWOTA directory you just created in the previous step.

★ Download P10 updater tool to your desktop and extract the HWOTA folder from the zip file.

★ Unplug your phone from the USB cable and power it off. Then, boot into fastboot mode by re-inserting the USB cable while simultaneously holding the Volume Down key.

★ Open the HWOTA folder you extracted on your desktop (step 3) and execute the update.batfile as administrator.

★ The updater tool will ask you to enter fastboot mode on your phone. You’ve already done that so press Enter to continue.

★ It will then automatically replace your phone’s recovery and prompt you to reboot into TWRP mode: simply disconnect the USB cable, hold the Power key to turn the phone off and then hold Vol up + Power for a few seconds to boot into TWRP.

★ Once you’re in TWRP, plug the USB cable into your phone again, wait for a couple of seconds and then press the Enter key twice.

★ Next, for update source selection, type 1 and press Enter.

★ In update type, again type 1 and hit the Enter key twice.

★ Your phone will now reboot into its recovery and start installing the new update which can take a few minutes to complete.

All done, you're ready to go and your Huawei P10 should now be running on Android 8.0 Oreo Firmware B360. To confirm, head-over to your Settings » About phone. However, if you encounter any difficulties in the process of updating your Huawei P10 device, don't hesitate to lay your complains down there via comment box for assistance.

Games are the all-time fast growing and enjoyable application that are available in Google Play Store for everyone. Play Store Games are very much featured games which will have best playing experience. Talking about featured and experience games then that's where high rated games comes in, hence it provides you with more fun and relaxation. Furthermore, play store games are also seen as the most secure and malware free games you can download because play store is highly protected and also, play protect feature was introduced just to guarantee you your safety. However, today, I'll be sharing with you some Awesome Graphics Games which are the Best Games to play on your smartphone.

2018 Best Games for Android devices:

1. Asphalt 8: Airborne

Asphalt 8 is one of the Best Car Racing Games which is rated under 1GB Games and also the highly downloaded by the Android users from Google Play Store for free. This Racing Game will never let you get bored and has many levels by passing through different laps and you can upgrade your vehicle with Top Model Cars and Bikes. You can also find the Ultimate Multiplayer Racing Experience and Endless Stream of Speed Freaks.

2. Clash Royale

The names itself says Clash and Royal together make Clash Royale Game which is similar to the Clash of Clans Game. This is an Online Game and you can Download Clash Royale Game from Google Play Store for free. This is one of the real-time Game in which you can destroy enemies, upgrade levels, earn chests, Challenge your clanmates and Construct your ultimate Battle Deck.

3. Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter is one of the top most downloaded game from the Google Play Store for free which is the Best Offline Games that gives you fun and entertainment all time. This is also an endless game in which you need to upgrade the people and the area where the construction is going to the earth. All you need to do is Build the perfect vault, Explore the wasteland and Protect your vault by upgrading the Game Application.

4. Hearthstone

HearthStone(Heroes of WarCraft) is the Good Games which is a Best Mobile Strategy Games to keep cards and challenge your opponent. For this game, you need to have skill, strategy and some luck and it is an Online Game to play on the go and have fun with new players every time. It is free to Download from Google Play Store but paid to play and challenge the opponents and gain coins.

5. NOVA Legacy

NOVA Legacy is one of the Best Shooting Games which is also the Best Graphics Android Games that will always provide you the highest entertainment. This is also under 1gb games and is available in Google Play Store for free. This is similar to the Modern Combat to defeat alien forces in various Game Modes and upgrade your weapons.

6. Pokemon Go

In Pokemon Go you need to Join Trainers across the globe, discover and search far and wide for new Pokemon and items nearby your location, hatching, catching, evolving and compete in epic Gym battles. This is a Real Time Game somewhat like Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Games. It is available in Google Play Store for free and you will not feel bored when using this game on your smartphone.

7. Plague Inc

Plague Inc is an Offline Game which is somewhat similar to Clash of Clans but you will have stunning HD graphics, a Realistic world with advanced AI, 50+ countries locations, Expansion updates and 12 different disease types with different strategies to master where you can save up to 28 saves later. This is available in Google Play Store for free to all the Android users.

8. Sky Force Reloaded

Sky Force Reloaded is one of the Best classic shooting game which remembers the childhood video games with a battleship on space. In this game, you need to master 15 immersive stages with challenging missions to complete and upgrade your weapons and Battleship by using coins gained in each level. This Sky Force Reloaded Game Download is available on Google Play Store for free and enjoy the ultimate assault naval game.

9. Dead Trigger 2

Dead Trigger 2 is a Zombies FPS Survival Shooter Game which has got the highest rating for Ultimate Shooting Game on Google Play Store. It is a fight for survival Game where Dead Trigger 2 Download free has many features like high-quality graphics, updated with new weapons and Zombie levels and tournaments for real prizes.

10. Alto's Adventure

Alto's Adventure is one of the Best Mind Games on Google Play Store for Android phones and is free to Download. This is also an endless running game where you can gain points for Backflip, Bunting Grind, Grind Bonus, maximum distance traveled and more no of flips made. This is a very interesting game and best game for passing time at school, college, and office anywhere.

How to fix download pending error on play store
Google Play Store is the most popular, common and a huge place to download apps and games for your android smartphone. Sometimes Play Store shows some error messages which pisses us off, error messages like "content not available in your country, as well as download pending error".

This is because Google had recently mentioned, that you can only install one app after another and not several apps at a go. However, if the same problem occurs when downloading apps from Google play store one-by-one then here is the solution for that. In this article, I am sharing with you How to Fix Play Store Download Pending on Android. Let's get started.
Also Check: [Installation Blocked]: How To Fix "App Not Installed" Error On Android Phone 2018

Google Play Store Download Pending on Android:

There are several methods to Fix this issue of pending downloads in Google play store and thus, follow the step by step guide below.

Method 1: Stop All Background Downloading Process On Play Store

  • First, Open Play Store app on your Android device.
  • Swipe from the right side of the screen, and select My apps & games.
  • Here you’ll see all apps that are currently downloading on your phone. To cancel all Downloading apps click on STOP button.

Method 2: Clear All Cache and Data of Play Store

If the issue persists, even after clearing the downloading apps, clear the cache and data for Play Store app.
  • Go to Android device Settings --> Apps.
  • Select Google Play Store from the list of apps installed on your Android device.
  • Once you open the Play Store app info page. Clear Cache and Clear Data. If you are running on Android versions Marshmallow or higher, select Storage and then clear cache and data from there.
Even after trying this method, you are facing the same issue. Well, you can try the last and final method this will work definitely.

Method 3: Force Stop Play Store

  • Open your Android settings then go to apps and find Play store app.
  • Then Force Stop the Play store app and restart your android device.
  • Now, you can download apps and games on the play store without notice Download Pending.


If you found this article helpful share with your friends on Social Media. They might know How to Fix Download Pending on Play Store. Even if you are getting the same issue comment down below.

Top 10 Best Apps to Hide Pictures and Videos on Android

Download: Top 10 Best Security Apps to Hide Photos and Videos On Android (2018)

Everyone has Smartphone in these days right! and in which we also have some favorite photos and videos on the smartphone. We may have some private pictures that are only stored for ours. If anyone may grab hold of your smartphone this might be lead to potential harm. So that, you need to hide all the photos and videos that you don't want others to see. If you are an Android user, Don't need to worry about it. Google play store has a huge collection of apps to hide photos and videos, which are available for free of cost. In this article, I am sharing with you the Best apps to hide pictures and videos on Android. Let's get started,

Best Security Apps To Hide Photos And Videos On Android

1. Vault

Vault is the Best privacy lock app. This app allows you to hide photos and videos as well as your SMS, call logs, contacts and even apps also. there are more than 100 million users worldwide using Vault to protect their photos and videos. It provides some cool features like App Lock, Incognito Browser, Cloud Backup and more.

You can backup your SMS, contacts, call logs, photos, videos to cloud storage so they never get lost. The Best feature in this app is Private Browser. with this private browser, you can surf the internet leaving no traces behind.

2. KeepSafe Photo Vault

KeepSafe Photo Vault is the most popular photo vault & album locker app on Android. If you want to hide your photos and videos on Android, Your photos are secured via a PIN, pattern or your fingerprint. It has some advanced security features like Fake Pin, Secret Door, Break-In Alerts, Album Lock.

Keepsafe helps you to protect your personal photos and videos. The user interface is quite easy and simple to use. You can also keep your private data in cloud service which Stores up to 5,000 items in Keepsafe.

3. LockMyPix Photo Vault

LockMyPix is the easiest way to hide photos and videos. You can access by Login with pin or pattern to your private vault and hide unlimited private data on it. The fake login feature allows you to protect your files from who will force you to open your private photos or videos. Use the Fake-PIN feature that opens a fake LockMyPix vault where you can put some other images or videos.

You can also use your sd-card as storage for all private photos and videos. It's very useful if your internal storage is full. It has one drawback that you can't back up your private photos and videos to the cloud storage.

4. Gallery Vault

GalleryVault is an excellent privacy protection app to easily hide and encrypt your photos, videos and any other files that you don't want others to see. You can import your private media files and nobody can exist them and all hidden files are encrypted. If you don't have internal storage on your smartphone then move the file into sd-card and save your device storage. It supported features are Break-in Alerts, Fake Passcode and Fingerprint (Only support Samsung devices).

5. Calculator Vault

Some pictures are not suitable for your personal album then Calculator Vault is perfect for you to hide photos and videos on a calculator. This calculator Vault works as a normal calculator as well as, it has a secret photo vault behind it. 

All hidden pictures are encrypted, So that even if anyone finds the file, there is no way to view the photos. the app user interface is quite simple and has a small size. it doesn't take a lot of memory from your device.

6. Dialer Vault

Dialer Vault works as Dialer keypad on android to make a call for anyone and also used to hide your photos and videos on it. It hides the photos from any person and secures them in the app. These encrypted images or videos can only be viewed and accessed via this app using the passcode and no one can access it without the passcode that you will set once you install the app.

It supports PIN, Pattern, and Fingerprint to open your hidden files within a second. This app uses the Device Administrator permission which means if you accidentally uninstall the app it doesn't allow you to uninstall the app.

7. VIP Vault-Hide Pictures

VIP Vault is another calculator Vault app, which will protect your privacy files from other. This vault looks like a simple calculator but has a secret gallery vault behind it. You can backup your all private media files up to 5000+

Photo locker ensuring your photos safe even if your phone is lost or damaged. Try this awesome photo locker to hide all photos and videos, so that hide pictures not visible in the photo gallery.

8. Gallery Lock

Gallery Lock is the best privacy app locker to hide your all photos and videos which don't want others to see. It has a user-friendly user interface and easy to use and Cloud Backup supported by Google Drive, Dropbox, and Box.

9.Hide Something

Hide Something is another photo Vault to hide all the private data files. You can directly hide photos and videos by sharing to this app. If you want to unlock the files by using FingerprintPattern or PIN lock.

You can backup your all photos and videos to Google Drive. It supports some features like Fake mode, desktop browser, GIF and doesn't show in the recently used apps list.

10.Piktures - Beautiful Gallery

If you need more privacy protection for your photos and videos. I would recommend this handy app to hide photos and videos on your smartphone. This app is available in both versions (Free & Paid version). The free version has fewer features with no Ads. Premium version has some advanced features to access the users.

You can easily add photos to Piktures Gallery. To access your folders, just slide right and To access your secure drive slide again on the right side. Piktures has almost everything you want from a gallery and also has some features which you won't find in any others privacy protection apps.

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