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2018 WhatsApp Tricks: Hidden GB WhatsApp Features You Should Know

10 Secret GB WhatsApp Tricks You Should Try: WhatsApp Image
WhatsApp is one of the top ranking social media network which has over 5 billion users, it is regarded as the most secure social media to share anything without anyone invading or prying eye on your messages (end-to-end encryption).

WhatsApp has gotten the name for itself, maybe because of the privacy embedded in it. Recently, WhatsApp seems to be lacking behind because of some certain required features which is not in it, hence GB WhatsApp has taken over the lead.

GB WhatsApp is an app which works exactly like WhatsApp but it's not affiliated with WhatsApp Inc. This WhatsApp provides its users with plethora and tons of features which is not to be seen in WhatsApp messenger. If it were for me to decide, I would have concluded that GB WhatsApp is just a BETA version for WhatsApp — but unfortunately, it wasn't.

Have you ever imagine that you can be able to lock your WhatsApp chat or perhaps hide your WhatsApp chat — No Right?. Anyways, in this write-up, I'll be sharing with you 10 Secret GB WhatsApp Tricks You Should Try:

★ Auto Save Video And Image Status:
For WhatsApp messenger itself, this feature is not available in it. Hence, it is only possible when you use a third-party application like status saver to download it to your phone. Thus, it is never like that in GB WhatsApp, the video or image status saves immediately when you're watching them thereby saving you the data of downloading it in your device.

However, the WhatsApp video or image status which saved in your phone via GB WhatsApp can't be find easily, it is saved in a hidden folder — so to find it simply follow the below procedures:

  • Go-to your file manager. 
  • SD card, then scroll down to locate GB WhatsApp folder. 
  • Click on Media and now tap on the option button and enable Show Hidden Files.
  • You'll see a folder name with .Statuses click on it and you'll see both Video and Image Status saved in it.

For you to be able to make it open and for it to appear on your gallery, you need to move those images and videos out to another folder.

★ Pin Multiple Chats:
We all are aware about the pin chat feature which is also available on WhatsApp messenger itself, this feature helps you to locate your most chatted group or friends (for me, I termed that feature as Favorite.)

Unfortunately, we are only allowed to pin only three posts using Whatsapp messenger but using GB WhatsApp, you can pin as much as you want.

★ Send App On WhatsApp:
The issue of not being able to share apps on WhatsApp seems to be one of the worst problem WhatsApp users faced back then. Earlier this year, a trick on how to share apps and other files on WhatsApp came out which most of the users adopted immediately — fortunately, it was working fine for everyone until the feature of sending app on WhatsApp was introduced to GB WhatsApp.

The good news now is that both GB WhatsApp users and WhatsApp messenger users can now share apps to friends and family, to do this, head-over to your file manager and locate the app you want to share => Press & hold the app you want to share until you'll see about three or four options (depending on your phone type) => Tap on the share button => Scroll down and find WhatsApp then tap on it => Finally, choose the recipient you want to send it to and it's done.

★ Send Original Image And Video Content:
WhatsApp itself (both GB WhatsApp and WhatsApp messenger) reduces the quality of images we share on WhatsApp and also adds background to the images we sent "if it's transparent image". On the other hand, WhatsApp messenger allows a maximum of 30 multimedia to be sent at ones while GB WhatsApp allows its user to choose 100 multimedia files at a time.

Anyways, for you to be able to share the original image or video content then follow the steps below: Open your WhatsApp => Open the recipients chat => Tap on the Multimedia icon and select Document, from there you can be able to access your files via WhatsApp. However, if you're unable to find the image or video you're looking for then go-to your file manager and move the image or video to your Download folder then try again.

★ Translate:
It feels bad when you are chatting with someone or group of people you don't have the same language with or at least have a common language with (English), for you to understand what he/she/they said then you need to make use of Google translator which is bad to be used in a chat because you cannot be able to copy each and every word the person said and paste it in Google translator before you can be able to understand what he/she/they is "are" saying.

Being honest with you, this is very stressful and without understanding what he/she/they is"are" saying then it'll make you to loose the urge of chatting with the person due to language problem.
However, GB WhatsApp has provide its user with the feature of making use of the translator thereby making communication easier.

★ Lock Group Or Personal Chat:
Locking Group or Personal chat is only to maintain your privacy and not allowing your nosey friends from reading your chats, Unfortunately, this feature is only available on GB WhatsApp. To apply this feature on your GB WhatsApp, simply open a chat with your friend or open a group => Tap on the three vertical dots located at the top right corner of the screen => You'll see Lock Chat, tap on it and setup your security pin or pattern. Click here to learn more about this feature.

★ Hide Group Or Private Chat:
This feature is also to improve your security and maintain your privacy, hence this feature will give only the user/owner the right to be able to locate the chat. Also, no one will come to know that you're in a group or chatting with someone privately.

To enable this feature, Open your GB WhatsApp => Press & Hold the group (s) or person (s) you want to hide => Tap on the three vertical dots located at the top right corner of the screen => You'll see Hide, click on it and Set-up your pattern lock after which it'll be hidden.
Tap on the WhatsApp label written at the top left corner of the screen to locate the hidden private chat or group chats but at first you need to draw your Patten lock so as to be able to access it. Still not clear to you or needs screenshots as backup to set it up? Check here.

★ Search Web:
Have you ever wanted to send image or video to someone but it is not in your device? No worries, GB WhatsApp ghat you covered. With this feature, you can search what so ever image or video you're looking for and send it to the recipient directly. This feature also makes use of artificial intelligence and it's bot to be able to collect images and videos from the Google search engine.

★ Call Mode:
It's very clear to us that WhatsApp only has two call mode (voice and video call) which only allows you to communicate with your friends via WhatsApp only using your data plan. However, it is not so in GB WhatsApp, GB WhatsApp provides three platforms for calling (voice call, video call and phone call). The third call platform (phone call) allows you to contact your friends using your airtime which can also be of use to you when you're in search of the contacts in your phone, thereby making it easier for you to locate and contact the person.

★ Message Scheduler:
Do you ever think that you can schedule your WhatsApp messages? oh yes, this is possible on WhatsApp messenger with the aid of a third-party app but with GB WhatsApp you can schedule your messages without installing any other app on your phone.

Anyways, to schedule your WhatsApp messages, simply open your GB WhatsApp => Tap on the Option button (three dots at the top right screen) => You'll see Message Scheduler Click on it => Choose Recipient, type in your message, set-up the time & date to send the message, choose how many times you want to send it and finally, Tap on done.

The above are the 10 hidden tricks in GB WhatsApp you should know. Do you think that there's more to be added in this write-up? please do interact with us via the comment box.

  1. Best Browsers For Android: 
  2. 8 Must-have Android Browsers For May 2018:

Top 8 Best 2018 Android Browsers
Android phone has been the best amazing device of this era, Hence web Browsers are one of the most significant pieces of software on your device that serves as a window to access the internet. Mostly, a browser app is always pre-installed on every Android device. However, not all the browsers can provide you with a smooth and reliable browsing experience.

There are a lot of third-party web browsers available in the Play Store which can give a fast browsing experience and will consume as little data as possible. Also, there are some Browsers which cannot be encouraging to download. Therefore, We have hand-picked 15 best Android browsers which come with all the necessary features and top-notch performance.

8 Best Android Browsers For May 2018 - Best Browsers For Secure And Speedy Browsing:

Chrome Browser:
Chrome Browser: Top 8 Best 2018 Android Browsers
With over 1 billion downloads, Chrome is a favorite and one of the best browsers for Android users. Hence, This app is owned by Google and usually comes pre-installed on many devices. Chrome has all the latest features necessary for a browser which includes desktop syncing, unlimited tabs, HTML5 support, news article display, built-in Google translator, faster and safer browsing experience, Google voice search, incognito mode, good in blocking popup ads "though some Browsers already have this feature" and last but not the least is that it opens heavy webpage etc.

It is regarded as the most trustworthy Android browser which is available for free and also has two beta versions (Chrome Beta and Chrome Dev).

UC Browser:
UC browser: Top 8 Best 2018 Android Browsers
UC Browser is a free Google play web browser which is mostly specialized in downloading. However, it is a feature-rich mobile browser which is available on some platforms including Android, Blackberry OS, iOS, Symbian, Windows phone and Microsoft Windows. Similar to the Opera mini browser it uses cloud acceleration and data compression technology.

Moreover, it has HTML5 web app, cloud syncing features, small window mode, ad-block functionality, cricket card feature, facebook mode, night mode, and the last but not the least is that with UC browser you can continue a failed downloads etc. It provides a smooth user experience and also Mobile friendly.

Puffin Browser:
Puffin Browser: 8 Best Android Browsers For Android 2018
Puffin Browser is really a great browser which views a webpage in desktop view, it also supports Mobile view. This browser is regarded as the fastest browser on Android which loads a webpage in three seconds.

Nevertheless,Puffin Browser also comes with a virtual trackpad and gamepad, on-screen keyboard functions and the option to block pop-ups automatically. Other features include cloud support, color themes for toolbar and sidebar, incognito tab, etc. This browser is a free Google play app, but also has it's pro version which is pay-in-purchase.

Fire Fox:
Mozilla Fire Fox: Top 8 Best 2018 Android Browsers
Comparable to the desktop version, Firefox is one of the best Android browsers which provides a remarkable browsing experience to its users. In addition to all the essential features, it has HTML5 support, firefox sync, add-ons support, and allows multiple panels allows quick link sharing.

You can send video and web content from your phone to any TV which is equipped with supported streaming capabilities. It is a secure Android browser which is available for free in the Play Store. Hence, there's also Fire Fox Beta

Opera Mini:
 Opera Mini: 8 Best Android Browsers For Android 2018
Opera Mini is a browser which is available for Android, iOS, Windows, Java and Symbian phone which is fast and saves you tons of data while browsing. It lets you download videos easily from social media platforms.

Opera mini is free, lightweight, and accompanies all the necessary features to satisfy the users. Its additional features include data tracker, news updates, night mode, speed dial, private browsing, etc. The browser uses cloud acceleration and data compression technology and is one of the best Android browsers for your Android device.

Maxthon5 Browser:
Maxthon 5: Top 8 Best 2018 Android Browsers
This is an impressive browser for Android. It is also available for iOS, Mac, Linux, and Windows phone. The app is super advanced with its features and satisfies the users in every way possible.

Maxthon5 has a built-in note-taking tool, password manager, email addresses manager, ad-blocker, displays the latest news articles, customizable speed dial, night mode, etc. which makes it one of the finest Android browser alternatives. It is fast, secure and provides a smooth user experience.

CM Browser:
CM Browser: 8 Best Android Browsers For Android 2018
CM Browser is one of the secure Android browsers which is appreciated by a lot of users. It is lightweight, free, and comes with an inbuilt antivirus engine that scans everything for you while you are browsing.

The app allows you to download and save online videos and includes all the essential features that a user might prefer such as ad-blocker, bookmarks, speed dial, incognito mode, gesture control, page translator, etc. Moreover, it automatically deletes all your history data once you exit the app, which means that your privacy is intact.

Brave Browser:
Brave Browser: Top 8 Best 2018 Android Browsers
Brave is a free, open-source web browser which came out in 2016 and accommodates a lot of features. It is a secure Android browser which is known to block website trackers, remove internet advertisements and also improve online privacy by sharing less data with advertising customers. It is designed with the motive of providing fast and secure browsing experience for users and has HTTPS everywhere.

The app reduces battery drain and data consumption, blocks third-party cookies and packs all other necessary features such as bookmarks, history, private tabs, new tabs, etc.

8 Best Android Browsers For May 2018 - Best Browsers For Secure And Speedy Browsing:

The above are the 8 best Browsers you can use on your Android phone in 2018, hence you're only advised to use the ones you're suitable with.

Android Shooters Games: Top 10 free action games you should play on your Android in 2018

Android Shooters Games: Top 10 free action games you should play on your Android in 2018
It's really an ache to the head when you want to play game on your Android phone and it'll require for network access (online), you'll have a lot to loose - first will be your mobile data, second it drains battery, thirdly it makes your device to overheat and lastly you might not be able to enjoy it as you wish because it sometimes hangs and when you're out of network coverage, you can't be able to play the game.

Not just that, low end devices are restricted for such games because their RAM/Storage doesn't have all it takes to play the game online. Anyways, you don’t need to worry anymore because if you have been looking for some decent and best shooting (action) games for Android that also work offline then we’ve got you covered.

You don’t have to burn your data plan anymore, no more phone overheat and if course no more complains for low end devices because we bring to you the best offline shooters for Android. These are not just games, but instead some of the best looking games as well. So, without further delay check out the 10 best offline shooting (action) games for Android 2018.

10 Best Offline Shooting Games For Android - Free Offline Action Games For Android 2018:
Top 10 Best Offline Shooting (Action) Games For Android 2018 (Unkilled)
Unkilled takes you on a shooting rampage where you try to kill as many zombies as possible with a large arsenal of deadly weapons. There are numerous missions in the game and each mission requires you to use different weapons. So, you must go to your armory and upgrade or buy newer weapons to actually stand a chance against the powerful zombies.

You can either enjoy the campaign mode that offers a decent amount of content or try out your hand in the Skirmish mode where you will have to survive against the onslaught of the undead. If you are looking for a good-looking, zombie killing shooter then Unkilled definitely one of the strongest choices you can make. Hence, this is a free games to download from the Google play store. So you have nothing to bother about buying it.
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Into The Dead:
Android Shooters Games: Top 10 free action games you should play on your Android in 2018 (Into The Dead)
This game is not your traditional shooter instead it’s an endless-runner that mixes enough FPS elements to make it a unique game. You will be running endlessly through fields infested by zombies, you must tear your way through these evil undead bastards any way possible. You can complete missions and challenges during your run to gain extra bonuses at the end.

Into The Dead is an endless-runner, so the objective is to keep running and gunning for as long as you possibly can. If you are a fan of endless-runners as well then Into The Dead is the perfect game for you. Also, Into The Dead 2 is now available in the Google play store. However, the developers recently released it, so you can check that out as well.

Overkill 3:
(Overkill 3) Top 10 Best Offline Shooting (Action) Games For Android 2018
This game is a fast-paced third person shooter that guides you through different levels where you just have to find and shoot bad guys. This approach of guided levels is called being on rails. However, it only sounds simple, but when you start the game you are presented with a difficulty level and the higher you choose the more difficult it becomes.

You'll feel the heat especially when you are confronted by a boss, boss battles are amazing and require a lot of quick reflexes to actually defeat the bosses. The graphics are quite amazing and Overkill 3 provides a great shooting experience for Android.

Dead Effect 2:
Android Shooters Games: Top 10 free action games you should play on your Android in 2018 (Dead effect 2)
An amazing shooter for Android that continues the legacy of its predecessor. The first Dead Effect was actually the first competent shooter on Android. Dead Effect 2 improves upon everything that Dead Effect brought to Android. You get to enjoy amazing graphics, great story, and a high-octane gameplay that will absorb you right in. The game offers a lot of content for you to enjoy.

This horror-themed shooting game is the perfect way to kill your time. A plethora of weapons and gadgets and around 20 hours of single-player campaign that’s both intriguing and highly exciting will keep you hooked. If you want an offline shooting game for Android that provides you with a great storyline then try out Dead Effect 2.

Suicide Squad:
Android Shooters Games: Top 10 free action games you should play on your Android in 2018 (Suicide Squad)
If you are a fan of the Suicide Squad and want to actually experience how the big bad squad actually works then you are in luck. The movie may not have been the most fun for everyone, but the game sure brings a lot of fun to your Android. You can now experience the Suicide Squad’s workings on your Android in this exciting shooter.

You get to experience the craziness of Harley Quinn with her trademarked baseball bat, you can shoot enemies from afar with DeadShot’s sniper, and you can burn everyone alive with Diablo’s inferno. Walk and shoot in the shoes of your favorite Suicide Squad villains (heroes?). If you want a quirky and exciting shooter on your Android then try out Suicide Squad and you won’t be disappointed.

N.O.V.A 3:
N.O.V.A 3: Top 10 Best Offline Shooting (Action) Games For Android 2018
N.O.V.A 3 Freedom Edition picks up the story where the previous game left it. You get to play the story of commander Kal Wardin of N.O.V.A who accidentally crashes in San Francisco right in the middle of a raging battle. The gameplay is simple yet the story is quite intriguing.

The gameplay is enhanced by the added cutscenes which actually tell you the story in depth adding to the overall experience of the game. You can either play the story mode or the single player mode against A.I. which works offline. However, the multiplayer mode would either require a local Wi-Fi hotspot or internet connectivity. N.O.V.A. 3 is definitely a must play offline shooting game for Android. This game is just like the Modern Combats(4,3,2), so if you haven't play any of them - get one for yourself and see.
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Cover Fire:
Cover Fire:Top 10 Best Offline Shooting (Action) Games For Android 2018
One of the most good looking offline shooters available for Android. If you want an explosive action-packed shooter for Android then Cover Fire will surely be a good choice. You get to choose from a diverse roster of characters to play as and there is a large collection of deadly weapons that you can use against the enemies.

The graphics are very good and the game looks as if it was a console game. You get to use multiple soldiers in the battle each with their own unique abilities and skill sets that will come in handy during the battle. Lead your army to victory and bring the revolution against the evil organization in this exciting game.

Dead Trigger 2:
Android Shooters Games: Top 10 free action games you should play on your Android in 2018 [Dead Trigger 2]
Dead Trigger 2 is the sequel to the popular zombie-killing game, Dead Trigger. This game is all about killing oncoming hordes of zombies in different ways. Use a plethora of weapons to mow down these undead bastards. Use flamethrowers to incinerate them or use a Gatling gun to blast them into tiny little pieces.

The game also incorporates a lot of humor and quirky references that will at least give you a chuckle while you are mowing down zombies wave after wave. If you like great graphics and a challenging gameplay then Dead Trigger is definitely the perfect game for you.

Mad Bullet:
Android Shooters Games: Top 10 free action games you should play on your Android in 2018 [Mad Bullet]
A hilarious yet exciting gameplay awaits you in the Wildest of Wild West with Mad Bullets that actually does away with boring storylines and tutorials. Jump right into the fast-paced action and start shooting things from the get go.

The game is filled with hilarious content and it will force you to laugh out loud with its quirky characters and fun gameplay style. Take on characters ranging from ninjas to cowboys and defeat everyone that tries to cross you. Get ready for some serious shooting action in Mad Bullets. If you prefer a more light-hearted action and exciting gameplay then Mad Bullets is the game for you.

Sniper X With Jason Statham:
Android Shooters Games: Top 10 free action games you should play on your Android in 2018 {Sniper X With Jason Statham}
Indeed, this game is officially endorsed by the action superstar, Jason Statham. You get to team up with the superstar and take out enemies with your extreme sniping skills. The game is a lot of fun and reminds us of Sniper series on consoles. Youu get to be part of Statham’s own team of elite mercenaries called the “Spear”.

You get to wreak havoc on all terrorist organizations that are trying to destroy your land. You will be lead by Jason Statham himself through voice commands and he will help you carry out your missions with ease. If you enjoy sniper games then this is the shooter you must try. Also, nothing beats Jason Statham telling you how to kill the bad guys.

Best Offline Shooting Games For Android - Free Offline Action Games For Android 2018:

Being sincere, online games are really not what we want right now, but fortunately there are some other offline amazing games that are more presentable than most of the online games. At least now you can be able to play offline games by selecting any game of your choice from the above games. Hence, you won't burn your data plan again not complain about overheat.

2018 Edition Of Best Linux OS Server You Should Use:

Best Linux Server For 2018
In terms of the popularity of different operating systems, Linux benefits a better position in the servers market. As a result of many unbeatable benefits like stability, security, freedom, and hardware support, Linux is often the favorite platform to work upon for system administrators and expert users. Just like other special purposes which involves gaming, programming, or hacking, the category of Linux server distros too is very large.

These operating systems come with specialized tools and long-term support. They also try to make sure that you get the best uptime, power efficiency, security, and optimized performance. However, in this article we are to look at the best options available. This list includes free Linux server options as well as paid ones:

Best Linux Server Distros 2018:

RHEL (Red Hat Enterprise Linux):
RHEL has the same position in enterprise arena which is enjoyed by Ubuntu in the world of Linux desktops so this shouldn't take you be surprise why it is included in the list.

Red Hat, the company behind Red Hat Enterprise Linux, is an early and biggest player in the Linux enterprise world. Over the years, they have refined RHEL and ensured that the most software packages and hardware are RHEL supported or “certified.”

Apart from certified status, long-term support also matters a lot in the search for top Linux server OS. The company claims that 90% companies on the Fortune Global 500 use Red Hat–that says a lot.

Moreover, Red Hat also offers a no-cost and non-production RHEL subscription for developers.

Ubuntu LTS:Ubuntu LTS
Compared to RHEL, Ubuntu repositories get software packages at a faster pace. This choice, again, boils down to your particular needs. If you want all the latest features and updates on some apps and software, go for Ubuntu.

It has an extensive user community and user community. It’s also recommended for a Linux beginner who is willing to make a jump into the world of Linux.

Talking about the performance, Ubuntu delivers a flexible performance. You can also go for Ubuntu Server option, which comes with some useful packages like mail server, LAMP server, Samba file server, OpenStack Mitaka, Nginx, etc.

The 5-year LTS support of this distro also ensures the use of this beginner-friendly Linux server distro for scenarios like setting up a media server, email server, or game server.

Gentoo:Gentoo Linux Server
If you’re an experienced Linux user who loves challenges and has got requirements for a Linux server OS, Gentoo might be your choice. With its modular approach, Gentoo promotes the “if you don’t need it, don’t install it” philosophy. This reduces tons of unneeded bloat and dependencies.

Also, each installation of Gentoo is unique and customized, which gives an admin all the control he needs. Moreover, with USA flags and package masking, you gain extra control. However, as said above, it’s not for everyone; so, choose your battles wisely.

Stability is the main reason why some of the most popular Linux distributions are based on Debian. While anything you wish to do on Debian can be achieved on Ubuntu, it is recommended if you’re on an above-average level and stability matters a lot.

Another thing to keep in mind is that Debian ships with free software only. It’s also more lightweight and fast in comparison to Ubuntu, which makes it a suitable choice for older hardware.

To cut it short, if you’re working in an enterprise environment where security matters and you’re familiar with Linux, and you need a Linux server OS, choose Debian over Ubuntu (suggestion).

openSUSE Leap:openSUSE Leap
While it might be a 100% accurate comparison, openSUSE Leap and SLES are SUSE’s RHEL and CentOS. Leap uses the same core base of SLE and comes with free community packages and support; with SLES you get dedicated enterprise support and patches.

So, if a dedicated support isn’t your priority, you’re advised to choose Leap and get patches and fixes for free. It goes without saying that SLES is more stable and comes with certifications from many enterprise application vendors.

Retro game is what I'll say that most of us played when we are kids, even now some of us are adults, they still have the urge to play the game because of how easy, good looking it is and most especially to pass time when they are lonely or bored.

Real retro games consists of the collection of the best games from the most popular console of the 90s - Brick Games. Gone are the days of GAME BOY and SEGA (for those who played games like me when I was small 😁), though they are more colourful and good looking than the retro games but most people prefer retro games than them because retro games come before them and grab almost the attention of many.

Now these retro games are available for free on your phones and tablets. Original sound, easy-to-use controls, various skins for devices, a full set of games, and no built-in payments and purchases. Play the classic snake, tanks, racing, tennis, shooter and other logical, sports and arcade games.

Also, in “Real retro games” are available 8 different games, you can also change the initial level and the speed for each of the games. Play and achieve the best scores, compete with friends and acquaintances.

However, to get this game running on your Android phone or tablet, simply head-over to the Google play store and download it. It's a free game and still possess the exact features of the physical retro game.

Must have icon packs
Icon Pack has always been a trending part in customizing an Android device or Tablet which gives an awesome look and Best user experience for daily routine Icons of Android Screen. There are hundreds of Icon packs in Google Play store for Android but here you can find Best Icon Packs for Android 2018 and Featured Icon Packs which are highly rated in Google Play Store - also, mostly recommended for Android users.

Icon packs have come up with Latest Free Icons upgraded versions and with best designs for an attractive Android Smartphone. Some Android Icon Packs might have common Settings Icon and looks but are designed differently. However, some people do mistaken icon packs to be an Android launcher but they are not the same. Though they both work in handy to improve user experience.

People search for Best Icon Packs especially Free Icon Packs which are available in Google Play Store for Android. Hence, there are some other icon packs like Icon Packs for Windows, Icon Packs for MIUI 8 and so many of them. Though some people do go with the idea of creating their own icon packs. Few months back, Google launched the Google Icons with an Icon collection in the Latest Pixel Icon Pack 2.

I could remember vividly when the Samsung Galaxy S8 was launched and almost everyone was eager to get it but unfortunately some people can't afford the price but they tried an alternative by making their phone have the look and feel of Galaxy S8 which worked for them.
Take A Look: Top 7 Icon Packs Of 2017
Thus, I've noticed that icon pack doesn't work in all launchers especially stock launcher (Launcher 3 precisely), it demands a custom launcher (Nova Launcher, ADW Launcher and a lot more) which can be able to give you the outcome that you bargained. Anyways, am not going to waste much of your time so lets see the Featured Icon Packs which is compatible your smartphone.

Top 15 Best Icon Packs - Free Icon Packs For Android 2018:

1. Pixel Icon Pack 2:
Pixel 2 icon pack
Pixel Icon Pack 2 is a latest icon pack with over 6600 icons and Cloud Based Quad HD Wallpapers. Features like Icons masking to theme your unthemed icons, Icons for system apps, games and social media apps. It is suitable and supports for 30+ well known best launchers and launcher settings can be customized easily.

2. Delta Icon Pack:
Delta icon pack
Delta is a featured Icon Pack for Google and highly recommended for Android users. It has more than 1400 hand-designed Icons and supports 20+ launchers for most Android versions. The Wallpapers and Icons have equal replica which gives amazing and cool looking.

3. Whicons Icon Pack:
Whicons icon pack
Whicons is a specialized Icon Pack in which you need a custom launcher to apply this icon pack. It has 5010 icons in which more than 21150 apps covered with best Cloud Wallpapers. Frequent updates available, supports 15+ launchers with Muzei support and Multi launcher support.

4. Graby Icon Pack:
Graby icon packs
Graby is a best icon pack for a long time support to your Android Device. It has 2750+ High Quality vector based gradient coloured Icons with Cloud Based Wallpapers, however it supports nearly 24 launcher apps.

5. Moonrise Icon Pack:
Moonrise icon packs
Moonrise is an outstanding icon pack for Android Device with over 1040+ Premium Icons and growing by monthly Updates. It has 60 Premium Cloud Based Wallpapers and supports 24 famous Launchers. It also has Dynamic Calendar Support and Smart Icon Request Tool with beautiful Material Dashboard.

6. Cikukua Icon Pack:
Cikukua icon packs
Cikukua is a tremendous icon pack which supports 2600+ icons with 57 Cloud-based wallpapers for direct access to latest wallpapers. It is featured with manually vector graphic processing icons, Supports Muzei, Smart Icon Request and quality with HDPI Icon 192x192 px. Cikukua is a Paid Icon Pack with 15 Bucks in Google Play Store.

7. Splendid Icon Pack:
Splendid icon packs
Splendid is an impressive Icon Pack but it is still in Beta Stage with limited Icons with best designs and attractive colors. It has features like Icons at 192x192px, Cloud based Wallpapers, Dashboard for easy use, Dynamic Calendar Support, Alternative Icons and Icon Request Tool with regular Updates.

8. Roundex Icon Pack:
Roundex icon packs
Roundex is a wonderful Icon Pack which has many best features and easy user experience. Its features are like 2200 Icons in HD, 92 Wallpapers in QHD, Wallpapers compatible with Muzei Live Wallpapers, Masks for icons unthemed, Sort icons for categories, Analog Clock Widget, Tool to request missing icons and also Supports for Dynamic Calendars.

9. Material Cards Icon Pack:
Material cards icon pack
Material Cards is an amazing Icon Pack which displays all the icons in card shape and has a unique way of customizing the icons especially in Samsung Android Smartphones. It has features like supports 1120+ icons, Multi-compatibility, High Resolution Icons, Creative Wallpapers and also supports 10+ famous launchers with regular Updates.
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10. Shimu Icon Pack:
Shimu icon pack
Shimu is a mind blowing Icon Pack in which all the icons are in square shapes. It has both Paid Icon Pack and Free Icon Pack in Google Play Store. Its Features supports more than 2300 highly detailed icons, 29 HD Cloud Wallpapers, Request icons tools for missing icons, Dynamic calendar support, Muzei support and supports 24 famous Launchers.

11. Lines Icon Pack:
Lines is a massive Icon Pack in which each and every icon is excellently hand crafted with awesome designs that gives a delight look to your smartphone. Its features are 2500+ Hand Crafted flat, clean and simple white HD Icons, 200+ modern classical Art Wallpapers, Customized Cloud-based Wallpapers, transparent white icons with dark wallpapers, Muzei support and Icon Request Tool.

12. Darkmatter Icon Pack:
Darkmatter Vintage icon pack
Darkmatter and Darkmatter Vintage are both Paid Icon Packs in Google Play Store which are excellent icon packs that impress the viewer. Its features are alike Supports 3100 Icons, 20 QHD Wallpapers with Cloud-based Wallpaper, sort icons for categories, Tool to request missing icons, Support for Dynamic Calendars with regular Updates.

13. Polycon Icon Pack:
Polycon icon pack
Polycon is a perfect Icon Pack for Android Devices which gives awesome cool look to icons with suitable background wallpapers. Its features are 20+ High Resolution Wallpapers, 800+ Vector based Icons, CMTE support, Custom app drawer icons, server based icon request, Firebase Integration, Supports 15+ Launchers and regular Updates.

14. CandyCons Icon Pack:
Candycon icon pack
CandyCons is an impressive Icon Pack that gives users best experience for long time. It is featured with 1070+ icons, color variants, supports 15+ Launchers, Theme support, supports Dynamic Calendar, 20+ HD Wallpapers, Material Design Dashboard, Muzei Support and Built in Icon request with Regular Updates.

15. Glim Dark Icon Pack:
Glim dark icon pack
Glim Dark is a Featured Icon Pack that is best suitable for Samsung Devices and easy user experience. It is featured with over 2500+ magnificent single themed HQ icons, more than 3500+ alternatives, Dynamic Calendar Support, Icons Search Section, Smart icon request tool, HD Cloud-based Wallpapers with Muzei Support.

Top 15 Best Icon Packs - Free Icon Packs For Android 2018:

If you're an Android user and looking for best icon packs to customize your Android look and feel then wevew mentioned the most trending icon packs you can get and thus, most of the listed Icon Packs are free to download. However, if you still have more icon pack suggestions you find worthy to be among the list then do make your suggestion via the comment box below!!!

How to setup call and SMS forwarding
Forwarding calls is not a new concept, most of us are common with it. Sometimes when you are not in a state to answer your calls and reply SMS, maybe your main Mobile number is switched off or has low network coverage then you forward or transfer them to your other number so as to be able to pass you the information.

People are aware of call forwarding, but they’re not enthusiastic about it as they should be. However, call forwarding can also be called Call Divert (I.e if you don't understand what I mean).

In the Mid 2000s Apple and Android changed the mobile world for the benefit of human existence, People were introduced to things which were actually impossible earlier. But this feature of call forwarding was very easily applicable in feature phones, which were used commonly before Android and Apple took over.

Interestingly, all forwarding is also very easy to apply in Android, but it is hidden deep inside which we need to pull out, Call forwarding can also be done on Android using a third-party app. However, in this article, I'll be sharing with you how to setup call forwarding for both Android smartphones (two methods) and Mobile phones.

How To Forward Calls On Android Smartphone [Method 1]:
System Software:
  • At first, pick up your Android Smartphone and navigate to your Dial pad.
  • Click on the "Hamburger" Option (Context menu) and tap on the Settings option that appeared on the screen.
  • Next, You'll see three options (Voice call, video call and Other settings), simply tap on the Voice call.
  • On the next screen, you'll see four options, select the one of Call forwarding.
  • Click on it and choose your preferred Sim (i.e if you're using dual SIM).
  • Now, once you select your sim, be patience because your phone will take some time to retrieve as it takes some time to reach to your network provider.
  • After that, you'll be provided with some options to setup call forwarding. (e.g Always forward, Forward when busy, Forward when unanswered, Forward when not reachable etc.)
  • Now, it's left for you to activate the ones need.
  • Once you tap on any option on the screen, you'll be provided with a blank space where you'll put the number to call when your phone is not available. Also you can still make use of the contact icon there to make your choice from your contact list after which you'll click on Enter.

How To Forward Calls On Android Smartphone [Method 2]:
Call forwarding using a third-party app:
Aside from the native method of forwarding calls, application can also be used to execute the same task. Below is the step by step guide on how to use a third-party application to setup your call forwarding option on your Android phone.
  • To begin with, download Simple Call Forwarding from the Google play store (Note: this is a paid app).
  • After downloading/installing, open the app. On the configuration page, you'll see an option called Choose a carrier and forwarding phone number.
  • In selecting a carrier option, choose from your phone, the source phone.
  • In the forwarding number option you need to input the number in which you want to forward the number.
  • When done, save your configuration. That's all.

How To Forward Calls On Mobile Phone:
  • Pick your phone and navigate straight to your phone settings.
  • Scroll down to find Call Settings.
  • Click on it and you'll be provided with many options (Call Divert, Automatic Redial, Call waiting service, Send my caller ID, No. screening etc.)
  • Click on Call Divert and you'll also be provided with tons of options (Divert when busy, Divert if not answered etc.)
  • Choose the preferred ones you'll like to make use of, tap on it and click on Activate.
  • Another option will be shown to you, asking you if you'll like to use voicemail or to enter another number.
  • Tap on Enter another number and put your other number or who you want the call to be diverted to.
This procedure can be followed by both Android users and Mobile phone users. Also no giving such configuration to your phone, it'll enable you not to miss or loose any calls, especially the important ones.

How To Forward SMS:
Apart from call forwarding, SMS can also be forwarded but unfortunately, this procedure is only for Android users, most of us are aware that apps are easily programmed on Android because of the free form mode and it's open source. In no more further delay, below are the steps to take in other to forward your SMS.

SMS Forward:
  • First and foremost, download and install SMS forwarding from the Google play store.
  • During installation, a pop-up will appear asking you if you'd like to enable forwarding, forwarding with SMS, destination number; simply click on enable forwarding.
  • The same thing goes for forwarding with SMS, in the destination number option, you need to input the number in which you need to forward your SMS to.
However, the procedure can be used to forward both calls and SMS

This is really one of the great features every phone (Smartphone or Mobile) user should activate, however you will help you from not missing most of your important calls and SMS.

God of war is a very famous slash action-adventure video game which was programmed by Santa Monica Studio and was published by Sony Computer Entertainment. This game was firstly introduced in 2005, mainly for PlayStation 2 (PS2) and was later debuted for PSP.

As time goes on when Android OS was introduced to us, developers find it easier to bring in PSP features in Android phone using an emulator with a tag-name PPSSPP. Thereby making it common for everyone to play PSP games right in their phone.

Previously, we once wrote an article on how to play Ppsspp games without hanging on Android device. This settings works greatly but doesn't imply in the two God of Wars, hence it'll play smoothly without hanging but the sound still cracks.
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However, I'll be sharing with you the best PPSSPP (PSP) settings for God Of War (G.O.W): Chain Of Olympus settings for android phone.
Note: this settings is for God of war alone, though we didn't check out other games as well but you can still give it a try on other PPSSPP games.

Settings For God Of War: Chain Of Olympus:
★ First and foremost, download PPSSPP emulator (Gold) version 1.0.1

★ Clear all your previous settings "if any"

★ Under Graphics:
     Rendering Mode:
  • Mode: Nonbuffered rendering (speedhack).
  • Stimulate block transfer (unfinished): Toggle it ON ☑
    Framerate Control:
  • Frame skipping: Toggle it OFF but if slow then turn it ON
  • Auto Frameskip: Toggle it OFF but if slow put it to 2.
  • Prevent FPS from Exceeding 60: Toggle it ON
  • Alternative speed: 200.
  • Post Processingshader: Toggle it OFF
  • Stretch to display: Toggle it ON
  • Small display: Toggle it OFF
  • Immersive mode: Toggle it OFF

  • Rendering resolution: 2x PSP
  • Display resolution: Native device resolution
  • Mipmapping: Toggle it ON
  • Hardware transform: Toggle it ON
  • Software skinning: Toggle it ON
  • Vertex cache: Toggle it ON
  • Lazy texture caching: Toggle it ON
  • Retain changed textures: Toggle it ON
  • Display slower effect: Toggle it ON
  • Spline/Bezier curves quality: Toggle it ON

   Hack Settings:
  • Timer hack: Toggle it OFF
  • Disable alpha test: Toggle it OFF
  • Disable stencil test: Toggle it OFF
  • Force depth write: Toggle it OFF
  • Texture coordinate speedhack: Toggle it OFF
  • Depth range hack: Toggle it OFF
  • Lower resolution for effect: Toggle it OFF

★ Under Audio:
  • Enable sound: Toggle it ON
  • Audio latency: Toggle it ON
  • Audio sync: Toggle it ON
  • Sound speedhack: Toggle it ON

★ Under System:
  • Fast memory: Toggle it ON
  • Multithread: Toggle it ON
  • I/O on thread: Toggle it ON
  • I/O timing method: Fast
  • Force real clock sync: Toggle it OFF
  • Change emulated PSP's CPU Clock: 50
  • Respect FPU rounding: Toggle it ON

  • Enable cheat: Toggle it OFF
   PSP settings:
  • PSP model: PSP-1000
  • Daylight saving: Toggle it OFF
  • Date format: Choose your preferred format
  • Time format: Choose your preferred format

Note: Don't touch or edit any other settings that is not included in this write-up.
The above is the settings for God of war on Android phone, this settings is specifically for God of war 

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