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September 2017
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Do you know that you can now run Android apps on your computer? Yes, it's not a new feature to us. Hence, most people came to know about it for the first time with BlueStacks.

Bluestack is a system software which allows the user to access an Android app on his or her computer but unfortunately, bluestack was invented just to give the user the ability to be able to make use of WhatsApp messenger on his or her computer.

Bluestack is a popular and well known computer software which supports making use of WhatsApp messenger on your computer.

Sadly, this software doesn't run on all Operating system and also, it has its own lags.

However, bluestack doesn't seems to be the only software that can run Android applications on a computer but there are also other software which can perform the same task and even far much better than bluestack.

That's why I'm introducing to you Koplayer, to begin with, let me introduce Koplayer to you.

Koplayer is a software that provides the user with the ability of running Android applications on his or her computer.

This software allows all kind of application unlike bluestack, however it works fine and smoothly on all computer operating system as well.

This software can be used by a user who's running Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, 8.1 or Windows 10. Hence, Koplayer is a great software and I suggest it to be a must have software for any computer operator.

Yes, there's another exciting feature which can at least make you go for this software. Koplayer is also in supportive on iOS devices i.e Mac OS.

However, there are some other interesting features which this software “Koplayer” have aside from running on Mac book.

Koplayer is a free emulator with the latest advance features which gives the user the ability to play games, make use of social apps and other genre applications.

Thus, it is used to run any android applications smoothly on any platform. The easy and neat UI makes it to be simple and easy to navigate to any app of your choice.

Koplayer also provides it's user with the ability to install and run apps on Google play store which are not supported with the users phone.

There are a lot more features of Koplayer which I didn't mention, perhaps you can know more about it when you browse the Google or make use of the software instead.

Shortcut keys:
Every software in a computer has its own shortcut but only if the users activate the feature via his or her settings.

Previously, I've written an article based on the computer shortcut keys which you as a user must know. However, let's not stretch it anymore further and get started with the shortcut keys.
  • CTRL + Q = Minimize/Maximize.
  • CTRL+ L = Screen Recording.
  • CTRL+ R = Screen Rotation.
  • CTRL+ G = GPS Settings.
  • CTRL+ P = Screenshot.
The above are the basic shortcut keys for this software, you can as well try other shortcut keys when using the software.

How To Install Koplayer In A Computer:
★ To begin with, download Koplayer software in your computer:
★ After downloading the exe file, go-to your file explorer or where the downloaded file is, double click on it so as to start installation.

★ Accept the terms and continue clicking on next button after which you'll click on finish.

★ Now, launch Koplayer software on your computer, select NORMAL BOOT, accept terms and conditions then click on CONTINUE.

★ Allow it for some time to finish installing and after installing, click on Next. Continue clicking on the Next button to start the screen or perhaps if you don't wish to read how to use it then you can make use of the skip button.

★ And now, here's how Koplayer looks on your computer.

However, if you wish to change the screen size to look just like an Android phone then you have to rotate it.

Simply tap on minimize/maximize button, choose CONFIGURE SETTINGS, select RECOMMENDED and choose screen size of 720 × 120 and finally click on Portrait then save.

Rounding Up:
With you computer, you can now make use of Android apps on your device without even making use of your Android smartphone. The above steps is how to run any Android apps and games in a Computer (PC, Laptop Or Desktop).

how to hide document for safety
Privacy matters a lot in human existence but some nosy friends or family member cannot give you the chance or the right to obtain it.

Hence, there are some important documents, files and folders which you will like to keep safe and to avoid any third-party operator to have access to.

Those files maybe personal files, documents, folder or it may be very official.

However, hiding files, documents or folders are only for protection. Whereas some people prefer putting password to lock the documents but I don't think its more secure than hiding it.

Hiding files or folder can give only the owner right and access to it because its not visible to any other person operating the computer at the moment.

Thus, there are so many ways which the user can hide his/her files or folders in your computer with some free online tools. Hence, I will be sharing with you the ways to save files, documents or folders online and how to hide files, documents or folders in your computer.

Ways To Save Data, Folders, Files Or Documents Online Using A Computer:

★ Using Cloud:
Do you know that storing documents in cloud can provide more security to the file instead of storing the file in a physical disk?

Yes, it's true that it might consume much cellular data but it is more safer than using just a disk. Take for instance, when you save your document in a disk, it won't prevent any person from invading into the saved files.

Giving it another thought, what if you lost or misplace the disk in the process of trying to keep it safe then you'll not be able to hold the documents with you anymore.

However, uploading your files in cloud can only give you the access to it. Hence, you're the only person who has the link to it and by the way, it is stored with your Gmail account and you can get it anytime you want with any phone. Simply sign in and click on download and it'll be downloaded immediately.

For Google Docs, it can only store the maximum file of 1 GB data. Box can be able to contain the maximum file of 5 GB data and the most biggest cloud is Windows SkyDrive which can be able to save a maximum file of 25 GB data.

★ Dropbox:
Dropbox is another way to hide file or documents, though it deals with uploading the file online just as it is done using cloud.

However, using Dropbox to safeguard your documents has it problems because it synchronizes the files automatically with the users hard drive.

★ Mail:
You can also hide or protect your documents by saving your documents online using your web's email. Simply attach the message and the email then send it to yourself.

It can be Gmail, Email, Hotmail or any other custom mail but using mails has its own problems as well. The user can only save or store small or less data using mail.

For Gmail, it does not exceed 25 MB data while Hotmail can save the maximum file of 10 MB. Now you can notice that only small documents are allowed to be send using mail.

However, if you're attaching your folders and files which are prohibited or not accepted by your mailbox, try changing the file extension otherwise your mail will be reflected by your Gmail scanner.

Having seen and learnt how to save file, documents or folders online - let's not take a look on the various ways to hide files, documents or folders in a computer.

How To Hide Files, Documents Or Folders In A Computer:

★ MyLockBox:

Files, folders or documents can be hidden using Mylockbox utility. This feature makes the folder or the document invisible in the users hard disk and the user can only be able to view the files or folders using MyLockbox

However, there are premium and free version of MyLockbox. Like we always know, the premium version of any software or app comes with an extraordinary features and the free version has limitations.

The free edition of MyLockbox hides only one folder but to be able to hide many folders as you want then you have to make use of  the Winmend utility.

By making use of this software, you can hide your individual files and also your folders. Perhaps, it'll keep of your nos friends and no one can be able to access your files folders without knowing your password.

★ Disguise Folders:

This is another method of hiding files, folders or documents in your computer, you can use this feature (disguise folder) which is a free Windows utility.

Disguise folder is a software which can change the appearance of the file or folder on outside while it contains something else.
The user can disguise his or her folders like Recycle Bin, Control Panel or to any folder of the users choice.

However, when the disguised folders are opened using Windows Explorer, it'll not display the exact appearance but when the user opens the same folder via disguised folders, it'll display as the user kept it.

Hence, disguise folder is also an alternative. So if you use the disguised folders then no one can see the actual or the exact appearance of the files or folders in your computer.

Perhaps, it's an easy way to hide files, folders or documents in a computer and I guess this process is more clear to understand. Also without downloading any software.

★ Steganography Technique:
I can't recommend this feature as a way to hide file, documents or folders. It's just like saving your documents, folders or files in an unsuspected folders.

Maybe create a folder like Cooking tips, make up tips or any preferable folders of your choice.

Hence, you can embed your personal files into another file. Let's take JPEG file or MP3 file for instance, when someone double-clicks the folder containing the files you  embedded, it'll only open the image or music in default player. Hence, it holds and contains your personal files.

★ Our Secret:
Our secret is a software that allows the user to hide documents in music or images using COPY COMMAND.

Your hidden files will be saved inside the carrier of JPEG or MP3, hence your saved documents will be revealed only when the user opens it through the Our Secret software.

When the user hide the files inside another image using the DOS copy command it can be extracted using any utility like Winzip. Also, It does not require any special program.

The above processes are how to upload or save files, folders or documents online and on the other hand, it is how to hide files, documents or folder in a computer.

I hope all these processes works for you, do let us know when you encounter any difficulties by commenting below.

In Windows 10, file history saves the files that you have created as a backup program. Hence, apps and programs are not backed up  but can be reinstalled.

Let's agree that atimes, many of the sweet moments you spent (pictures, videos and documents) can never be recreated but automatically file history creates a copy of every files in your windows 10 (music, documents, photos and also video folders).

At the same time, it copies all the files on the desktop background. However, those copies are automatically created ever hour. Perhaps the work of file history is to make your backup easy to restore and be seen by the user.

That's why I'll be sharing with you the idea of how to restore, recover, regain or retrieve deleted files, data and folders in Windows 10 from your File History, I'm certain that most of the people must have experienced this issue before and have tried restoring their data back but they couldn't.

However, here's a step by step guide which can help you to restore or recover your lost data. Without further delay let's get started.

★ To begin with, power on your Windows 10 computer.

★ On your desktop environment, click on Taskbar icon and select a folder containing the files/data that you wish to retrieve. You can search for your preferred folder by checking them one after the other then double tap to open it.

★ Click on the Home tab on the Ribbon on top of your folder, after which you'll click on the History button. However, the program looks similar to a plain old folder. There, you can be able to view all your backed up folders.

★ Now, select the file you'd like to restore. Click to enter the folders libraries then select the file or folder you'd like to restore. Perhaps, you can restore a folder, one file or many files.

★ Now search and locate the file version you would like to restore, however to browse through different version or an old version, simply tap on the left-pointing arrow button at the bottom of the screen and for the newer version then select the right-pointing arrow.

Tap to open the folder or to open individual files until you find the version you wish to restore, you can as well make use of the search button at the top right corner of your computer screen and type in the exact one your looking for.

★ Tap on the restore button, place the item back on the place where it used to be even if it's an individual file, a folder or an entire library's content.

However, the window will warn the user if there's an already existing name of the content you're asked to place back, simply replace or skip it to proceed.

Additionally, file history provides the user three different ways to handle the situation if you're Windows notices a naming jam with the item you're trying to restore.

In destination folder, the user can replace the file but the user can only select this option when he or she is certain that the older version is better than the current version.

Compare info for both files gives the user the opportunity to compare the both files (size and date) before choosing his or her preferred choice.

The incoming file or the currently existing file provides the user with the ability to keep the both files, simply add one letter or number to the incoming file (rename).

★ Finally, close the file extension window by tapping on the X button at the top-right corner of the screen.

Furthermore, file history stores the list of your favorite websites as well. This also backs up the OneDrive files you've synced to your computer.

However, to be able to backup everything I your main folders or your desktop then you need to get a portable hard drive or pen drive to create a backup.

Remember, the larger the hard drive or pen drive the user uses, the more backup the user can saves. Hence, it's all in the users have, make a wise choice.

Videos have it's own quality for a particular device, there are some videos which can play on computer but will be finding it difficult to play on an Android device.

This problem is never new to us, however this problem is caused based on the movie type/format. Take for instance, for Java phones, it can only play 3gp videos which have low quality and also consumes low space.

The same thing is applied on other devices like Android, they have an exceeding limits of the video quality that they can play but it happens only when using stock Android video player app 'gallery'.

Sometimes, the stock Android video players 'gallery etc' can try as much as it can to play a video which is more than the video format for Android but in the end it'll end up to be blank and only the sound will be playing.

While somethings the user cannot find the video in his/her gallery, except when he/she locate the video through the file manager but that is not a guarantee that it'll play.

It's so unfortunate that the Android developers find it difficult to produce its user with the type of features that can make the user comfortable and happy when operating any Android device.

However, I've figured out a solution which can give you the ability to play any video format on your Android phone regardless of how big or small the data file is and also how compatible the video is in your device.

That's why in this post, I'll be sharing with you the best hd video player for Android. Perhaps these apps can help you get rid of the problem you're facing in watching video with your phone.

★ Max Player:

Max Player is one of the best HD video player apps for Android, it provides the user with a lot of personalizing features which makes it awesome to use.

Hence, this app has a powerful video decoding capability which helps the users to play almost all the video format stored in his/her phone (Supports any video format).

Yes, Max Player provide its user with the feature of adding subtitle to the video he/she is watching and also multi-track audio.

Auto-rotation,, aspect-ratio adjustment and gestures which allows the user to control brightness, Volume and seeking.

Furthermore, this app supports all kind of video quality including MKV, MP4, AVI, MOV, Ogg, FLAC, TS, M2TS, Wv and AAC. This is a nice video app to get - perhaps, Max Player is definitely your best partner when enjoying movie.

★ India MX Player:

Without being told, this app is specifically for Indians. MX Player is a well known video player app which comes with assorted of features and also with great capability of playing any video format “FLV, MKV ,MP4 , MP3 , AVI , MOV , WAV , FLAC”.

India MX Player is a free app to download in the Google play store but sadly, it supports Android Lollipop (5.0+) and above. So if you're using Android KitKat and below then this app is not for you.

Enjoy high quality videos play smoothly, this is an amazing and lovely HD Video Player where you will get all feature in a single app.

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